Charlie Weber Flaunts His Pecs For Schön Magazine

Photo by Jacques Dequeker
How To Get Away With Murder returned last week after its winter hiatus. Not only do we begin to uncover who killed Wes, but we get our weekly fix of the sexy beast that is Charlie Weber. Damn, that man is fine.

The 38-year-old actor recently shared all that sexiness for the pages of Schön magazine. He rocked a few stylish looks but the ones I appreciate the most are when he’s sans top. He’s got some perky little tits on him 😉

Check out more pics snapped by Jacques Dequeker below, after reading a couple quotes from the accompanying interview.

On Viola Davis

You see how she works and you see the focus and the dedication, and those lessons are learned over such a period of time that I can’t really speak to one event, but it just comes from being around her.”

On Decision To Become An Actor When He Was A Teen

“I just didn’t know if that was a possibility that people could do that where I’m from. I’m just from a small town in mid-Missouri and I think ultimately by the time I got to college I did realise that that just wasn’t my style and I decided to go see what was out there.”

For more, head over to Schön!.