Charlie Weber Shows How To Get Away With Killer Style For Da Man


Praise baby Jesus to Shonda Rhimes for writing more scenes requiring Charlie Weber to take off his shirt. The 37-year-old How To Get Away With Murder actor has certainly amped up the heat factor on the ABC drama. No disrespect to the others, but IMHO, he’s the hottest on the show.

Weber headed outdoors recently for a slick western-styled spread for the latest issue of Da Man. Photographer Mitchell Nguyen McCormack snapped Charlie rocking a bunch of denim, sweaters and Southwestern looks. I want every piece in my closet stat.

For the accompanying interview, Charlie talked about his roles leading up to his breakout gig. Did you know he’s appeared in all three CSI series, Veronica Mars, House and Buffy The Vampire Slayer to a name a few. Check out more pictures below, along with some quotes from his chat.


On How He Got Cast

“I became a cast member of the show the same way it usually happens. I loved the script and couldn’t wait to audition. Everything moved pretty quickly after that.”


On Best Part Of Being On The Show

“The best part for me is to be working with such talented and creative people that I love. We really have something special.”


On His Previous TV Gigs

“All the shows I’ve done are special to me in their own way. “Buffy” will always be dear to me because that was my start. However, “How To Get Away With Murder” means so very much to me and is right at the top of the list.”


For more, head over to Da Man.

  • Jason Paul

    Damn the man is fine.

  • mtmslg

    Hot guy, HORRIBLE clothes! Is he wearing a carpet? And denim with denim OH MY! Who is this Da Man and what have they done to my Charlie??