YouTube Star, Charlie Puth Puts His Own Spin On Taylor Swift’s Newest Hit

For the past few months, Perez Hilton has hosted a new kind of contest on his site to help groom and promote independent and blooming talent via the internet in his own cover song contest. This time around, Perez set out for his readers to tackle Taylor Swift’s newest hit, We Will Never Ever Get Back Together. One of those readers to jump at the chance to win the contest is YouTube star and recording artist, Charlie Puth. I had never heard of Charlie until one of my faithful Twitter followers sent me a link to this video. I’m so glad he did. This cover will knock your socks off.

Charlie was recently signed to Ellen’s eleveneleven records after she say Charlie perform a cover of Adele’s Someone Like You alongside good friend Emily Luther. Charlie flies solo for his latest video which is pure pop/rock goodness. Charlie’s vocals are so great and his harmony work during a little a cappella breakdown is absolutely flawless. While it took me a while to warm up to the original track, (just ask my finacé, Patrick,) I absolutely adore this version and I think you will too.

Charlie Puth, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (Cover)

If you like what you hear, you can download a free version of the track and then vote to help Charlie win by tweeting to Perez. A pre-made tweet can be found here.