Charlie Puth Goes Retro For ‘Done For Me’ Music Video

It’s only fitting Charlie Puth delivers a retro-looking clip for his latest single, “Done For Me.” After all, the 26-year-old singer drew inspiration from ’80s sensation Wham for the bop. It definitely sounds “inspired” by the English duo’s hit, “Everything She Wants.”

“I made this record, I produced this after an unsuccessful party in L.A., which is what all these records are based off of on my album. But I just went home played these, I have my little Juno keyboard over there that I had….I just hit one of these settings here and just played a B minor cord and it just made me think of Wham!, it made me think of 1988 and I put that chord down and I immediately thought of Kehlani too,” Charlie explained to Zane Lowe.

The accompanying visual, directed by RJ Sanchez and Brendan Vaughn, has arrived. It features Puth and Kehlani vying for the affections of the same woman. Gotta love a little bi love triangle 😉

Check it out below to see how everything plays out and to also see Charlie show off his adorable, albeit awkward, dance moves. White boy dancing at its best. LOL.

Charlie Puth ft. Kehlani ‘Done For Me’ Music Video