Charlie Puth & Paramore Deliver Killer Covers During Live Lounge Visits

Both Charlie Puth and Paramore dropped by BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge to promote their new singles- “Attention” and “Hard Times” respectively. While both acts performed their original material solidly, it’s their respective covers that shined brightly.

Puth took Katy Perry’s “Bon Appetit” for an acoustic spin. His rendition gave the underperforming single new life. Perry should really consider re-releasing the track with Puth as a featured vocalist.

Meanwhile, Paramore delivered a potent cover of Drake’s smash hit “Passionfruit.” Lead singer Hayley Williams gives the hip-hop track an ethereal makeover. Check out both covers below.

Charlie Puth ‘Bon Appetit’ Katy Perry Cover

Paramore ‘Passionfruit’ Drake Cover