Who’d You Rather: Birthday Boy Edition

Both hail from the United Kingdom and both are celebrating birthdays today (April 10). In honor of their special day, I thought I’d pit these two studs against each other in our latest Who’d You Rather battle. They may be a decade apart, but these two are equally sexy and handsome. After checking out the following evidence (shirtless photos), be sure to cast your verdict in the poll. Who do you want to give the birthday bumps to?

Alex Pettyfer made a huge splash in 2011. The 23-year-old actor starred in three films- I Am Number Four (Dianna Agron), Beastly (Vanessa Hudgens) and In Time (Justin Timberlake). Personally, I didn’t get the hype until I saw him practically bottoming for Matthew McConnaughey during a stripping tutorial in Magic Mike. Instantly, I became a fan. He can next be seen later this year in Butler starring Robin Williams and James Marsden. Pettyfer also modeled for Burberry in 2008-2009.

Charlie Hunnam gained a huge gay following after appearing in the UK version of Queer as Folk. Now, the 33-year-old is best known for playing Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy. His film credits include Nicholas Nickleby (Anne Hathaway), Cold Mountain (Jude Law), and Children of Men (Clive Owen). Hunnam will headline this summer’s sci-fi flim, Pacific Rim. Charlie was previously married to actress Katharine Towne but divorced in 2002.

Alex Pettyfer

Charlie Hunnam

Who’d You Rather?

Who'd You Rather: Birthday Boy Edition

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  • Slade

    I am pretty sure I would literally have sex with anyone other then Alex P!

  • Marco

    With the right haircut, Charlie is hotter than Alex!

  • Sean

    Charlie all day long.

  • millo

    why did you chose all the unflattering photo of Hunnam?

  • 40400

    Neither. They look as if they need to take a bath.

  • JMC

    The tattoo right above Alex’s groin apparently says “thank you,” just in case he ever forgets to tell a girl when she’s going down on him. That’s how he explained it in an interview with Rolling Stone or GQ, so gross.

  • Donny

    Both are incredibly sexy guys but if I had to choose, I guess Alex. As if!

  • daws

    Definitely Charlie. Alex is hot though.

  • Isabelle

    This is mean, I lust for them both and love their work. I have to go with Charlie, I live for SOA.

  • HarryR

    My mind goes mush over Charlie ever since the original Queer as Folk. If there ever was a chance I’m there!

  • J-Flo

    The tattoo above Alex’s groin is just his name in the Japanese katakana alphabet. It doesn’t mean thank you. Still, weird place to have your name inked in any language.

  • bret

    charlie is smokin’ hot.

  • stranded

    Does no one remember Charlie Hunnam from Undeclared? I loved that show. I fell for him there.

  • itgirl


  • Alex

    Its always been Charlie, ever since Undeclared. I’ve never been attracted to Alex.

  • Tammie Whitaker

    Charlie is too hot. He should win. Charlie all the way.