The Hills: Top 10 Peripheral Characters


As you know, I’m a huge fan of The Hills / Laguna Beach thanks to Donovan. I’ve put together a list of my Top 10 Peripheral Characters on The Hills, now that the show is coming to an end after six drama-filled seasons. Therefore, this list excludes anyone that comes up at the start of the show in the credits: Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and Whitney Port. This list is comprised of my favorite characters because of how they stirred the pot, caused drama, and made good television, OR because I liked them because they were nice, hot, or something like that. 


10. Frankie Delgado – One of the boys, he was never really a part of any of the drama, contrary to the majority of the rest of my list, but he was a cool guy and I liked him. A really loyal friend, which was hard to come by in this show. Outside of the show, he was also recently part of the MTV show, Bromance and was also a producer on the show. 




9.  Doug Reinhardt – He was an old friend of Lauren Conrad’s and her senior prom date, and they went on a few dates during The Hills but the sparks weren’t there for Lauren.  I totally had a crush on this guy – he was gorgeous.  Then you go and find out that he has a private jet and he’s loaded – um, Lauren?  Turns out he’s now dating Paris Hilton and they’re pretty much going to get married. We saw them both together at the red carpet event we were at at the Beverly Hilton while on our recent LA Trip. 

8.  Lisa Love – She was Lauren and Whitney’s boss, as the Senior Editor at Teen Vogue. I love her because she was nice but always put the pressure on the girls, “I really need you to do a good job on this one and don’t mess up,” pretty much foreshadowing for the girls to run into some problems by the end of the episode.  When Lauren chose to spend the summer with Jason, instead of going to Paris for work, Lisa pegged her as “the girl that chose not to go to Paris.”



7.  Brent Bolthouse – He is Heidi’s boss at Bolthouse Productions. I like him because he doesn’t put up with a lot of bullshit, and when it comes to Heidi and Spencer – there’s a lot of that. He ended up firing Heidi, but then rehired her under the condition that if Spencer stepped foot on any of his events, he’d be thrown out. Fine with me!  Although I dislike Spencer, he is great for drama on the show.  Oh, and apparently Brent Boldhouse is dating someone from the top 10 of Maxim’s Hot 100, and it’s Vancouver-raised Eliza Dushku! We interviewed her when we were in LA about a month back. 

6. Stacie the Bartender – Homewrecker or Flirt? Stacie definitely has to be added into thanks to her fantastic one liners and carefree party animal approach to life – “You live and you learn, and then you go to Vegas,” as she once put it. After making her debut by flirting with Spencer at the bar she bartended at, causing huge drama between Heidi and Spencer, Stacie ended up at their wedding and befriended Kristin Cavallari, securing her role as her bestie moving into the final season of the show. Who knew that when she applied for that job at the bar that she’d end up, well…a Bar Star!!



5. Elodie Otto – The claws came out!  I loved it. She was Heidi’s coworker that was basically the one that had to listen to Heidi complain about all her drama every day – exhausting! After giving Heidi so much advise on how bad of a guy Spencer was for her, Heidi never listened and just went back to the guy time and time again. Hmm, sounds like some people I know.  Anyway, so after Heidi gets a promotion that she applied for, the position that Elodie had already told her SHE was going for, Elodie had had enough. She put in her notice and was leaving, but Heidi didn’t know this – so in order to be able to get out of an evening work even on her and Spencer’s anniversary, Elodie said she would work for her, but since she no longer worked for Bolthouse during the time of the event, she screwed Heidi over by not showing up.  BAM!

4. Kelly Cutrone – “Why are you smiling? You shouldn’t be smiling.” She gets what she wants and puts up with nothing, and Stephanie Pratt found out the hard way. After Lauren reluctantly referred her to Kelly, Kelly warned Lauren that if anything when wrong with her, she would be the one that would have to fire her. And, of course, that is exactly how it went down. Stephanie messed up too many times, and Lauren had to fire one of her close friends. Kelly is awesome. 



3.  Lo Bosworth – The quiet, bitchy type. Some people don’t like her because they feel that she doesn’t add anything, but I totally disagree. You just have to watch what she does with her eyes, and how subtle she is in planting her concerns and irritations with people in Lauren’s ear. And, Lauren’s pretty much at the center of it all, so Lo actually does have a lot of power in their circle of friends. She really instigated the fight between Lauren and Audrina with the three of them living together, and Audrina distancing herself. I think Lo was jealous that Audrina had been such a close friend to Lauren, while Lo had previously not been on the show as much up until that point. In the Homorazzi cast, Lo reminds me of Topher.  OH, check out this spoof of Lauren and Lo.  They actually do a pretty good imitation of them, although it gets a little repetitive after a while.  Check it out.

2.  Stephanie Pratt – I love Stephanie. When they first introduced her to the show, I didn’t think I was going to like her. She reamed Lauren out, in protection of her brother Spencer and new friend Heidi, but things totally changed when she found herself in a class with Lauren. The two became friends, and she’s kind of a “behind the scenes” / “oops, I didn’t mean to” type of trouble maker. She has stirred things up a lot, being the bridge between Team Lauren and Team Speidi (FYI – no one was on that team). She’s actually really funny and reminds me of Adam – “behind the scenes” / “oops, I didn’t mean to” type of trouble maker. 



1.  Jen Bunney – With her brain between her legs, Jen Bunny created SO much drama between her and Lauren when she decided to sleep with Brody behind Lauren’s back. She was one of Lauren’s best friends back in Laguna Beach, and hadn’t really been all that big of a character in The Hills up until this point – so it was a good move for her, even though Lauren was not so forgiving. After trying to call and apologize to Lauren who was not having it, Jen shows up at Lauren’s house wanting to talk. Here is a spoof below of the EXACT conversation (and mannerisms for that matter) that his guy did. He plays BOTH characters and it’s absolutely hilarious. In Homorazzi, Jen Bunny is Landon.

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PS.  I know I said this article was only about peripheral characters, but check out this HILARIOUS interpretation / mock of Audrina.  I’m told I’m most like her out of all the characters, because she is very accommodating and doesn’t always make the best choices – NOT because i talk like her as shown in the video below.

  • Allan

    Kelly Cutrone – ALL THE WAY! I love this woman. She’s mean. She’s like every gay mans nightmare/the friend you want and need. I loved when she once agreed to go to dinner with Whitney and some guy and then bailed – leaving them to awkwardly stumble through a date. Oh Kelly – you’re not as powerful as Lisa Love but you still make my heart smile.

  • I couldn’t agree more…

    Although it’s a little of a toss up between Jen and Steph…

  • edisa

    i like the hills that so fun movies to on tv