A sociopath is unable to identify the following characteristics within themselves. So, this list serves more as a warning that if you should happen to come across a person who has most of these characteristics- RUN THE OTHER WAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! There are a lot of other characteristics a sociopath may demonstrate, but of the few that I’ve come across so far in my life, these were the characteristics that were the strongest in each of them:

10 Superficial Charm. They’ll wow you with their words and gestures, but it’s all fake at the end of the day.

9 Manipulative. They’ll get you to do whatever best serves their goals, and then cast you aside once you no longer serve a purpose to them.

8 Shallow Emotions. They can’t really feel too deeply because that would make them vulnerable and expose them to other people as a normal human being, which they despise.

7 Lack of Empathy. They’re unable to understand your feelings, or experience most feelings with you.

6 Narcissistic. They’re extremely selfish and crave the admiration from others. Unfortunately, because they’re so damn charming, they’re showered with that admiration constantly.

5 Infidelity. Don’t ever trust that they will be faithful: it’s not in their nature. They thrive on the attention and admiration they get from others and what better way to get that gratification by having sex with someone who thinks they’re amazing.

4 Incapable of real human attachment to another. They prefer to keep two-faced and  superficial people close to them because they’re the only ones who won’t care that there’s no genuine connection, and they can create a relationship with those people where each uses the other for their own selfish purposes. Not symbiotic: more like mutual parasitisism!

3 Unable to feel remorse or guilt. No matter how terribly they treat you and how sad you feel about it, they’ll never feel bad about it themselves.

2 Incapacity for Love. Since their emotions are so shallow, love- one of the deepest emotions of all- is something that they will not likely be able to experience (well, except maybe for themselves).

1 They don’t perceive that anything is wrong with them. This is the most frustrating one, because you’ll never get them to see the err of their ways, no matter what you do or say. Which, is why if you meet one of these people, you just have to RUN THE OTHER WAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

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