Watch Channing Tatum In A Grass Skirt Dancing To YMCA

Channing Tatum is like fine wine. He only gets better with age. Yes, his body has beefed up since his early stripping days, but his dance moves have also improved. Wearing just a grass skirt, a young Tatum screws up the choreography for the “YMCA” dance. Really?!?!? That dance is probably the easiest choreo since the Chicken Dance. Luckily for him, Tatum’s ability to pick up intricate dance moves improved before starring in “Step Up” and “Magic Mike“.

If can sit through Channing’s “YMCA” stint, stay tuned to watch him along with a few of his Male Encounter stripping buddies partake in some odd tribal ritual. They dance around a female patron and then stake her with their spears. I’d rather Tatum stake me with his own “spear“. Check out both performances below courtesy of TMZ.

I much prefer Channing’s other vintage clip from his stripper days than the one above. That said, I can’t wait til Wednesday to check out a screening of “Magic Mike” on the big screen. Just imagine all their naked butts jiggling around. I plan to be mildly toasty for the show 😉