The Glamorous Life – Chamberlain Hotel West Hollywood


Donovan, Patrick, Adam and I recently traveled to California. The exploits of our trip have been featured in a few articles already (Hills Wedding, Red Carpet, Reichen, Andrew Christian). I am one of the more silent of the Homorazzi cast largely because my counterparts are so expressive and eloquent in their delivery of the day to day stories; in addition, I work very hard at my, more than full time, job as a banker as well as my second full time job as Donovan’s partner. My days and weeks are very stressful, when the time comes that I get to escape the 9-5, I look forward to relaxation, pampering, and indulgence! As such, the trip to Cali was more a vacation than business trip for me

So, what could I possibly have to say that hasn’t already been said? What story can I tell that hasn’t already been told? My perspective on the trip to Hollywood varies slightly in its purpose; with that said, one of the highlights of my trip was our accommodation! A true pied-à-terre in the heart of West Hollywood.

My days started earlier (often hours) than most of my traveling companions.  Although I enjoy all of the nightlife the city has to offer, I usually can find the strength to get up and out by 8am in the morning.  Patrick was the other early bird in the group, he and I would start our days jogging through the Hills  followed by a  trip to Equinox West Hollywood (the hotel provided us with a complimentary day pass).  By the time we returned from our morning excursion, Donovan was often awake and working on his computer (high speed internet available throughout the property) and Adam may have returned from the prior nights romp (occasionally sans-footwear).

Waking up at the Chamberlain Hotel in West Hollywood was peaceful bliss.  This quiet, luxury hotel is a true escape from the typical hotel we have come to expect in a busy urban environment.  The Chamberlain is a small gem with the services and luxury you would expect from the largest North American chains.  From the pleasant morning greetings offered by the hotel staff, to the delicious, freshly brewed, coffee that is available to guests in the lobby each morning, and going beyond with one of the most responsive and convenient valet car services I have ever experienced in a hotel.

The award winning Chamberlain hotel should definitely be at the top of a West Hollywood visitors list of places to stay. If for nothing else, the location… You wake up at the base of the Hollywood hills, just steps from Santa Monica Boulevard and a quick walk from Sunset Boulevard and some of the best shopping and entertainment in Hollywood.  Located on a quiet no-thru street (1000 Westmount Drive) providing a peaceful and exclusive feeling that affords you the the privacy often only available to the rich and famous or a local West Hollywood resident.  Even at the end of our night, at the nearby clubs such as the Abbey, Mickey’s, or Eleven, we would stumble home to our Chamberlain residence; often the doorman would welcome us back almost as if we were in a classic Hollywood film and we were living at a exclusive building that had a long waiting list and you needed to know someone or be know just to live there.


The interior appointments and decor of the rooms was delightful and well thought out.  Our room had two queen sized beds and reasonably sized living room area.  The decor of the hotel is an eclectic modern with exceptional taste and design flavor.  Some of the highlights included the wonderfully comfortable beds and linens.  Some of the best I’ve experienced in a hotel!  In addition, the hotel’s choice to provide luxury bathroom bathing products, produced by Molton Brown, definitely enhanced the overall experience.

Last but absolutely not least was the rooftop vista at the Chamberlain.  Patrick and I often made this an afternoon mainstay.  The views are breathtaking from this private rooftop pool oasis and the views weren’t even the main reason to attend.  The water, lounges (either in the sun or shade depending on your taste and tolerance to the sun) and soothing music provided an atmosphere that I’ve never experienced before.  In our travels Donovan and I have stayed at many boutique, W, Westin, and such hotels; to my pleasant surprise the Chamberlain topped my expectations with regards to the luxury, especially the pool.


The chamberlain was not without a few disappointing aspects; not that I feel they should affect your decision to visit the hotel, but worth mentioning.  1. The air-conditioning system in the hotel is sub standard.  It doesn’t have sufficient capacity to keep up with the heat on the warm Los Angeles afternoons.  2. The bathrooms, although clean and pleasant, were not designed or appointed at the level we have come to expect from a luxury boutique collection hotel.  If I managed the Chamberlain I would seriously consider a bathroom renovation and overall improvement to the air-conditioning system; with these improvements, this hotel would be as close to perfect as I can imagine for a Hollywood retreat.

As a final note, the Chamberlain is owned by the Kor Hotel Group.  Kor owns the Loden hotel in Vancouver as well as several other luxury properties in North America.  Visit their website to see if there is a Kor Property in the city you are visiting next.  I’m sure you will not be disappointed!

  • Gay Person

    cute article. written well – makes me want to go back to hollywood. and ure too cute- loved the intro.

  • anonymous

    work for the company – the bathroom reno has been in the wworks for a long while; they cant agree on a concept or design. has been put on the back burner due to recent economic downturn, fyi

  • brady

    Without a doubt, my favorite hotel in LA. I’ve always loved staying there. Big fan of the Hollywood-New Regency design style.