Everyone’s favorite chest-pounding diva is back. Celine Dion returns with “Loved Me Back To Life,” the title cut from her forthcoming album. It’s her first English LP since Taking Chances released back in 2007. The French-Canadian singer first debuted the cut back in July during a live performance. At long last, we have the high-quality studio version.

Penned by prolific songwriter Sia Furler and produced by Sham & Motesart, the song features her signature soaring vocals over a hypnotic beat. It’s quintessential Celine. Her adoring fans will undoubtedly eat this up.

But you stood by my side.
Night after night, night after night.
You loved me back to life, life
From the darkness the wait is over.
You loved me back to life, life
From the darkness, we’re lovers again tonight.
Back to life, back to life, back to life, back to life, yeah

Her upcoming album will consist of both new material and covers from her Las Vegas show. It’ll feature collaborations with Babyface, Ne-Yo and Stevie Wonder. She’ll duet with the latter on his classic track, “Overjoyed.” Her new album comes out on November 5, 2013. Check out the lead song from it below and be sure to weigh in afterward.

Celine Dion ‘Loved Me Back To Life’