Celine Dion recently performed in Beijing at the Chinese New Year’s Gala helping millions across the globe welcome in the Year of the Snake. The singer’s first song was a traditional folk song called “Jasmine Flower” that was performed as a euet with Chinese singer Song Zuying, who looked like a gay super villain, but get this… the entire song is in MANDARIN!

Honestly, you have to watch the video to believe it but homegirl kills it with her Mandarin singing. It’s absolutely the best video I’ve seen this year. I could have done with about half of the 3 million backup dancers that accompanied the two singers, but that’s just a matter of opinion.

In true diva fashion, when asked about singing in Mandarin Dion said, “I had wonderful people in the studio with me helping me understand the meaning of the song. But even in between the lines, between what you’re singing, you have to feel the music. You have to feel the passion. It’s very difficult to pinpoint passion. It’s very difficult to pinpoint emotion. This is something that is around us, and I think it lives through music.” Oooookay sister, settle down.

Dion also performed her massive hit, “My Heart Will Go On“, which to this day still manages to give me goosebumps.