Rashida Jones & Andy Samberg Are ‘Celeste & Jesse Forever’ In New Trailer

This movie looks so good! Rashida Jones and Andy Samburg star in a new romantic comedy called ‘Celeste & Jesse Forever‘ and we’ve got your first look at the trailer. Aside from the stellar cast, this movie seems to tell a very honest story about relationships, breakups, and heartbreak.

Jones & Samburg play two people that met in high school, married young and are now growing apart. At 30-years old, they decide to get divorced and try to stay best friends while they pursue other relationships. Needless to say, this is easier said than done. Celeste (Rashida Jones) is pretty certain that divorcing the Jesse (Andy Samberg) is the right thing to do. Even though he is still in love with her, Jesse accepts her decision and transitions into being “best friends”. When reality sets in, Celeste starts to realize that maybe she had a good thing and is making the wrong decision. Unfortunately, this revelation is bad timing for Jesse.

Supporting cast include Elijah Wood, Emma Roberts, Chris Messina, Ari Graynor, and Will McCormack. The film hits theatres on August 3. Check out the trailer below!