Meet The Pairings On “Celebrity Wife Swap”

Wife Swap?! Really?! Is this still a thing? I thought this show died a long time ago but apparently, they are ready to revive the dead. Now as many reality shows do, it’s time for them to take on a Celebrity Edition and let me tell you, the pairings that will be switching lives is absolutely epic and is going to make for some great primetime television. Get your DVR’s ready. If you are unfamiliar with the show, let me fill you in real quick.

Two families, usually from vastly different social classes and lifestyles, swap wives/mothers (and sometimes husbands) for two weeks. In fact, the programme will usually deliberately swap wives with extreme, polar opposite lifestyles, such as a dramatically messy wife swapping with a fastidiously neat one. Despite using a phrase from the swinging lifestyle, couples participating in the show do not share a bed with the “swapped” spouse while “swapping” homes.

In the first week, the new “wife” must adhere to the rules of the house placed by the original wife. Then in the second week, they introduce their rules and the family must abide by them. If you think it sounds like a train-wreck you are correct. I may have watched a few episodes here and there before ABC cancelled the program in 2009 and let me tell you, some of them were so uncomfortable to watch. However, the new line of celeb match-ups should make for some great entertainment. Check them out below.

Gary Busey / Ted Haggard

Tracey Gold / Carnie Wilson

Flavor Flav / Dee Snider (rock star)

Mick Foley / Antonio Sabato Jr.

Niecy Nash / Tina Yothers

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