Is Hollywood’s Newest Trend A Little Bit Racist?

What started as an online TwitPic trend has now caught fire in Hollywood. Do you know what it is? I’ll give you hint. The idea is to appear light as a feather, but stiff as a board. Don’t get it yet? The best photos are done when you are propped between two objects. Did you guess planking? If you did, then you’re right. The trend has hit stars like Justin Bieber, Rosario Dawson and even Usher. But, one star in particular isn’t too found of the term nor the trend. Xzibit took to Twitter yesterday to express his disinterest in planking.

“Planking is THE dumbest sh-t ever. #Planking was a way to transport slaves on ships during the slave trade, its not funny. Educate.”

Is this true? I’m not sure so I took to two really trusty sources of information: Google and Wikipedia to get an answer. While the exact term planking may not have been used by slave traders, the physicality of the online game does bare some resemblance however. Slaves were forced to lay face-down on wooden beds with their arms pressed against their sides, chained to their waist. Often, they were stacked on top of each other without room to move.

Alright, so Xzibit may have seen the similarities however, I don’t think the initial intention of the game was to offend anyone or any race. The game did incur a casualty in Australia after a man fell seven stories attempting to plank on his balcony. Yikes. Let me just, please practice safe planking. Now check out some celebs planking below.

Usher’s kids took the chance to plank on his grand piano.

Rosario Dawson showed her planking skills off to Jimmy Kimmel on his desk.

She have done it completely wrong but you’ve gotta love Katy Perry’s commitment.

  • Josh

    A bit rich coming from Xzibit, a man not exactly known for being respectful to women or even other black people. And I seem to remember him starring on a show called Pimp My Ride…

  • marc

    AND WHY DO ANY OF YOU CARE??????????????????????????????

    ooooooooooooooooooh my god!

    whooooooooo cares!

  • Mardie

    Planking is pretty close to the way I sleep, sorry for offending you every night lmaoooo. gtf over it. I’m pretty sure the term was made up after the fact just take it to a whole new controversial level. Haters gonna hate! DUHHHR.

  • I think Katy just “Super Planking” :p

  • matt

    I hate xzibit! Its stupid people like who are keeping racism alive! What and asshole!

  • Paul

    It’s a tad racists, but this has been happening in Australia for months now. It has only become bigger since a 20 year old fell and died.

    It’s sad to me that people have did because of this, and now it has made its way to America.