I decided it would be fun to figure out what celebs each of the Homorazzi cast members look like. I will tell you, some of these were easier than others. Some took me forever to figure out, and although they may not be the best choice, there are similarities.

Topher: Bjork


Aside from some similar facial features and skin tone, this makes even more sense because he’s about to become European in a matter of days.

Rich: David Caruso


Well, it’s either him or Conan – there aren’t all THAT MANY ginger celebs to choose from. Or any that were coming to mind anyway…

Dave: Elvis Presley


I’m so glad I thought of this one…Dave was even doing his hair like him for a while and definitely has that traditional preppy look now and then! Hunka, hunka, burnin’ love!

Donovan: Will Smith


Although Dono may not be black, he may as well be, and there are a few similarities with the Fresh Prince. He’s obsessed with Whitney, wrote the article on the top black supermodels, and is always down to get jiggy wit it.

Landon: Robert Pattinson


Some similar facials structure features, and they’re both creatures of the night.

Patrick: Jesse Metcalfe


Um, are you writing this post? No? Exactly, I can be whoever I want to be! Muhuahaha! I can only wish I looked like him. In all fairness, I did ask a few people who I would look like if I HAD to look like one of the celebs today, and he was one of those few mentioned so I went with it.

Dan: Patrick Swayze


There are similarities in the face, AND they’re both dance! How cool is that. Unfortunately, one is no longer with us. Wah, wah.

Jonny: Neil Patrick Harris


I think this one’s a bit of hair color and personality more than anything, but again, some similiarities. Both charming and great hosts too!

Saleem: Hugh Jackman


Although not so scruffy as Wolverine, there are some common features between Saleem and Jackman in the shape of their face, etc.

Brian: Jenson Ackles


Well, lucky for Brian he gets to look like this Supernatural being, Jenson Ackles. For those of you that don’t know, Brian’s pretty much mastered his posing/smizing face. I dare you to try to find one where he isn’t posing – “BAM,” as Tyra would say.

Adam: Jude Law


Aside from several common features, the fact that Jude Law will be in Sherlock Holmes works for this comparison as well, considering Adam’s thirst for secrets & gossip. Either that, or his quest to get Closer to those that are married. Both work.

Stephen: David Duchovny


This one’s a stretch, I’ll admit…a few similarities, maybe? No?

Redd: Lucy Liu


Redd would be all over being a Charlie’s Angel and all about getting some Dirty Sexy Money.

Kevin: Clive Owen


Now this one has more similarities once again, and Kevin’s got a bit of The International going on with all of the travel that he’s doing.

Tommy: Joey Fatone


Some similarities. At least he’s made a bit of a come having been on Dancing With The Stars for a while? Right?

New Cast Member: Andy Samberg


Find out next week who the mystery cast member is.

Which cast member looks most like their assigned celebrity?

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