When You Become Famous, Do You Find God?


I’m writing this post because Blake McGrath has suddenly found God, and according to Facebook, is no longer gay. WHAT!? Yes, for the past few weeks, McGrath has been sharing the word of God via his Facebook status and his “Interested in:” field says “Women,” where it had previously said nothing. For the record, Blake McGrath got his publicist to go up to my ex at the bar and exchange numbers with him and inform him that Blake was interested in him. a) My ex is not a women. b) My ex was not interested. c) That was extremely tacky and d) this happened not even a year ago… and suddenly he going back in the closet because someone came knocking on his door and told him he’d go to hell if he was gay?

As we all know, we are born gay, and I know in my sin that “God” or whoever created us, made us this way, and it is not some sort of defect. As much as he tries to preach that he is going to heaven because he suddenly worships God every day, I think its extremely cowardly of him as he embarks on his solo “singing” career, to jump back in the closet. Way to man up and represent us in the mainstream, Blake.

He isn’t the only person I’ve noticed this happen to. When Heidi Montag started becoming really “famous” (and really superficial and obnoxious, simultaneously), she would constantly post things like “Praise Jesus” and “Thank the Lord God our Savior” on a regular basis, on her Twitter.

So my question is, have these people found God, and if not, what is the motive or rationale behind their actions, in your opinion? I find it all artificial. Is it their publicist’s doing? I’ve interviewed Blake before, and he certainly did not come across as the type to be interested in sharing the word of God, as he wore his fancy sunglasses & scarf indoors for the interview. I have nothing against people having the right to their own religious choices, I just question the motive in these cases. Is it because God gave them a bunch of money and fame that they are now so appreciative to the Almighty?

If someone’s brainwashing you Blake, reality check: You’re gay, and that’s okay. Come back, brother!

Check out The Gospel According to Blake below:

February 4th

Blake McGrath: John 3 16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
–> Commenter: What’s up with the new praise Jesus Blake???Did ya have an epiphany of some sort??? Please bring back the old Blake who doesn’t preach…thanks!

February 3rd

Blake McGrath: “Reverence: to place such a value on something that it begins to define you , to mould your priorities, to change your thinking, dreaming and doing- You give it the right to break you or to make you at all times and in all circumstances, to crush you and you allow it the right to shape you.( Grace sermon)- My prayer is simply to rever God.

I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders. 2 I will be glad and rejoice in you; I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.

February 2nd

Blake McGrath: 1John 3 18 Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.19 Our actions will show that we belong to the truth, so we will be confident when we stand before God.


Blake McGrath: Proverbs 10:25 When the storms of life come, the wicked are whirled away, but the godly have a lasting foundation.

Blake McGrath: proverbs 10:8 The wise are glad to be instructed, but babbling fools fall flat on their faces.

February 1st

Blake McGrath: Amazing morning. Worship with Hillsong. Great breakfast. Amazing workout! Off to the airport! Here I come LA!

January 31st

Blake McGrath: Watch out that you do not lose what wes have worked so hard to achieve. Be diligent so that you receive your full reward.9 Anyone who wanders away from this teaching has no relationship with God. But anyone who remains in the teaching of Christ has a relationship with both the Father and the Son.

Blake McGrath: 1 john 2:15 Do not love this world nor the things it offers you, for when you love the world, you do not have the love of the Father in you.16 For the world offers only a craving for physical pleasure, a craving for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and possessions. This world is fading away, along with …

Blake McGrath: Proverbs 14:7 7 Stay away from fools, for you won’t find knowledge on their lips.2 seconds ago clear

Blake McGrath Up and worshiping baby. Only way to start the day!!!


AND I could go on and on, but it’s getting a little tiresome. But to share one more thing with you, the picture above is what he posted on January 30th. The caption is “IF YOU ACCEPT JESUS.”

  • Jared

    He has such a flaming voice. He ain’t fooling anyone haha.

  • Calan

    It’s all because the people fronting the money for his career say so. It’s a harsh business and some people just don’t have the balls to man up. At lease he could be tasteful and say he was Bi so he’s not FULLY bullshitting

  • See what I mean.

  • Jared

    No, I don’t, Tommy! Please elaborate lol.

  • Patrick knows exactly what I’m talking about.

  • Adam

    Disgut-balls. I don’t care if this ends up being called a “joke”… kids (GAY kids) are sadly gonna hurt the most from this.

    PS. congrats religion… another feather in your cap. I’m going to go out on a huge limb and assume this is christianity’s doing? rawsome.

  • Mario

    Ugh, I hate this sorta thing. That’s just like when trashy celebrities thank God at award shows… Gross!

  • Robyn

    I wonder how Jesus feels about being totally coked out? (Am I the only one who has this theory and thought that on many episodes of SYTYCDC?)

    He has now taken a potentially great choreography career and alienated even more people by being so hypocrytical and self righteous. He is now fully ridiculous.

  • Ani.


    –> Commenter: What’s up with the new praise Jesus Blake???Did ya have an epiphany of some sort??? Please bring back the old Blake who doesn’t preach…thanks!

    I’m glad to see I am not the only one who is outraged by these events.

  • Calan

    Tweeted blakemcgrath himself and got this back

    blakemcgrath @Calan_b i will be a role model to many people. God is amazing. Im sorry you find my choice of life path disturbing to your own. God bless u

    oh em effing gee…sad face

  • Andy

    Blake, I am proud you are not ashamed of the God that has given you all the talent you have. Keep praising him. And to all you that bash him, you all need to accept Christ into your life and then maybe you’ll understand blakes excitement to live for Christ.

  • Justin

    Sigh…Here it goes again.

    I’m not trying to offend anyone here. You are free to disagree with me.

    I’m a church-going Anglican who currently attends a parish in Victoria that is on its progress of becoming inclusive of LGBT people. Yes, there is homophobia in the Church. Yes, the Church’s leaders from the Pope to your fat televangelist, has used the Bible to promote the most worst form of prejudice and violence against women, Jews, and gay people. Yes, the Bible was written in a pre-scientific context and many of my brothers and sisters in the faith have erred in interpreting its passage literally.

    But I can only speak my own conscience which is to say that I remain both absolutely and truthfully head over heels in love with Jesus Christ, and proudly and unashamedly gay.

    If Blake thinks that becoming a Christian means giving up being who he is, then I say he is making a wrong-headed sacrifice. I believe that all that we are, all of our longings, our many varied gifts as human persons, our diverse personalities and appearances, are rich gifts of divine love.

    I think Jesus smiles whenever a gay man or lesbian woman suddenly dances on the street and kisses their partner during Pride. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if I find him out there with rainbow beads on his neck, dancing to the first century equivalent of Lady Gaga.

  • steve

    WOW Blake is gonna change the world. Hahahahaha OMG GOOO Blake. so sad to see all these people hating. Blake even said himself hes only out to love the world. The people who were supporting him are now so quick to turn against him. Looks like hes on his way to the true fans after all! Well see who sticks beside him regardless of his sexuality> And let Blake find his true joy and be happiness just because you care!

  • Jeff

    hard to read into someone’s soul and i’m not anti-religious – BUT – when someone apparently denies their very self in sacrifice for something that on the surface seems so, disingenuous, I’m left to wonder. Women, really? That’s just downright ridiculous. reason? new recording contract? money? hmmmmm……it’s unfortunate that someone like Blake who is in a position to truly have a positive impact as a role model for young gay kids and youth seems to have enslaved himself with what others are telling him he must do to be successful. I may be wrong on this but I don’t think so. turning to faith does not mean you have to live a lie. to the contrary faith should offer truth and light. i’m really disappointed. the overuse of biblical references, religious jingoism, and Godspeak reminds me of the guys who overcompensate for their insecurity about their sexual orientation by constantly referring to their sexual conquests with women. I wish the very best for Blake and that he finds lifelong happiness. I truly do.

  • Andy

    Blake had money and fame before he got into music. Obviously none of you really know anything about him. People can change and it looks like he’s changed for the better. Be happy for him. Don’t hate on him.

  • Yeah, and even before he got into music, he was gay. It’s a shame that some of you are saying “he’s changed for the better” because now he wants to be with a woman and have kids. People are born gay and it’s extremely insulting for you to suggest that being gay is wrong and to go back into the closet is something we should praise him for.

  • James

    Blake Mcgrath is a fuck.
    He’s a self indulgent, ego maniac who wears too much makeup and should be ASHAMED of himself. ASHAMED!

    Let the straights have him I say, maybe they can deal with his bullshit.

  • Andy

    James, we love himfor who he is. And that is your opinion about him, that’s it your opinion. Your wrong about people being born gay. Not sure how you can prove that. Your true hatred comes through in your responses. Sound like James is a little upset. Stop hating and being jealous because someone is happily living thieir life. Time to grow up people.

  • gxjwa


    Why does this post and all these comments seem hypocritically judgmental coming from a community that has been the target of so much discrimination and judgment?

    If every single person who is currently practicing a gay lifestyle was born that way and therefore choosing a different lifestyle is to violate that very nature, then wouldn’t it also be true that every single person who is currently straight was born that way and therefore should never choose different for fear of violating their own very nature?

    If there are straight people who are confused about their sexuality, then there are also gay people who are confused about their sexuality. But here, there is only judgment for a person who gains clarity about their own life and as a result chooses a way that perhaps you wouldn’t choose for yourself? How narrow minded and judgmental can you be?

    If you treated others the way you would like to be treated, this post and these comments wouldn’t be here…but here we are.

    Shame on you.

  • Jared

    Andy, read something other than a bible and you’ll find scientific facts supporting homosexuality being present at birth. Get your head out of your righteous ass and stop preaching.

    gxjwa, yes, people are born straight just as they’re born gay. If you can’t put two and two together with something like that, then there’s no hope for you yet. Blake had no shame in showing his homosexuality for years prior to this incident. He’s not exhibiting confusion about his orientation. He’s just being stupid.

    No one is discriminating his lifestyle or what he’s achieved. We’re disappointed in his sudden “epiphany” for the lord. So no, not shame on us. Shame on YOU for preaching your religious crap to people who don’t care. Believe what you want, just keep it to yourself. Shame on YOU for supporting such an insulting notion from someone who is obviously homosexual to the max.

  • sara brightmen

    Gxjwa. Very well put. I have met Blake recently and he seems to be the most joyful man I’ve met in a long time. Its unfortunate that the majority of comments on this bored from the gay community are very very cruel and mean. For whatever Blake chooses as a sexual identity is his choice. Looking on this board I’m almost glad Blake is walking in a different path. Looks like he never had your support any way. ALso I know Blake had many girlfriends when he was about 16. Once somebody has gay experiences does that make him gay for life? Let Blake live his own life and be happy for him regardless of his sexual identity.

  • Jared

    If I had a nickel for every gay man that had a girlfriend in highschool… Worst example of proving someone straight.

  • Justin

    Not to defend fundamentalists, but I just scanned his wikipedia entry. In his interview with Fab Magazine, Blake did say that he was attracted to both men and women. So he could be bisexual. Sexuality is a bit more complicated than a strict dichotomous divide between straight and gay (although probably the vast majority generally fall in one or the other category).

    I think that the best I could say without telling him what to do or think is hope that he is ultimately true to himself.

  • Andy

    You all meet Blake once and you act like you know himbetter than his own family. Shame on you for judging him. Stop being so upset and hateful. Is it such a big blow to the gay community?

  • Andy

    Sara you need to more studying. Did you even graduate from high school?

  • Gxjwa

    Jared – you r right that having girlfriends in high school doesn’t make someone straight. Also, living in Amsterdam for the next decade won’t make me Dutch.

  • Jared

    That was the worst analogy ever. Don’t ever take up debate or philosophy.

  • Corey

    What’s sad about this situation is that it’s so regressive. I am not going to try to pretend like I know this individual, because I don’t. I do however believe that people in the “industry” have a responsibility toward their audience. In this case, and in the year 2010, I believe that our culture requires role models for GLBT youth. IF this individual has “crawled back into the closet” as is suggested, I see that as both detrimental to himself and impressionable youth. That being said, I don’t know. But science has determined that we ARE born with our sexual orientation. I think that suggesting otherwise for a new generation is truly potentially harmful!

  • lol doesnt matter

    yo guys this guy is fkriking sick
    to come out and say that his turning to God thats just sick cause its hard to belief in God
    but if u do belief in God u’ll c that his only good, plus when your with God u’ll feel him
    his as real as the wind u cant c it yet u can feel it
    BTW u guys christianity is not a realigion, its something mostly personal with God.

  • Tim

    I can’t say I’m outraged by any of this really, I just hate that he’s making songs to spread this anti-gay message.

  • Boygorge

    Another ball less fag, just because u become famous u don’t need to change or be afraid of who u are. There’s gays that live in countries where being open can get u killed so they hide it he’s hiding it to make sure he can get more than just gay guys at his shows as a gay man myself who lived in one of those places I’m disgusted by this moving to god aspect of ex homosexuals it’s people like Blake McGrath that could be a role model but instead he chooses to exemplify the hate for ones self that so many gay and lesbian kids feel. McGrath ur born gay u don’t just turn it off have some balls and tell ur team of publicist and managers to f off the gay community is huge well show up to ur shows even when the homophones don’t if the fans dont luv u for u who needs em

  • Athan

    On the one hand, I say that this is absolutely frustrating. The LBGTQ community needs more rolemodels. Not to mention, it isn’t bad to be bi or gay even though it is a harder path. Plus, changing your orientation or trying to for an almighty being is just bad since why would god have anything against gays? I mean… Other than the bible entries that are oh so obviously warnings of what not to do? Like not to hate and discriminate against gay people.

    However, if a bi guy decides he wants to stick with only one side of his orientation…. It’s his choice. We shouldn’t totally bitch him out for it. Not everyone is comfortable with being the rolemodel. Adam Lambert may be comfortable being out but he told everyone he didn’t want to be a rolemodel and ended up that way anyways for revealing himself. Maybe Blake McGrath didn’t want that to happen to him?

  • Smart

    lol…he’s real straight..haha

  • Kelly

    Ok this is kinda ridiculous.. Blake should be able to be whatever he wants without being judged. Though of course if he’s been gay this long he’s probably gay now… But people pushing religion or being overly religious/ saying its better that he’s now “straight” really get on my nerves. Im not anti-religious but prejudice ” in the name of god” is stupid. If god made all things on this earth he obviously made gay people so what would be the point of making gay people if he hates them and wants them to not be here? And, if he’s turning all “praise the lord” because someone told him to or because he wants to be favoured by the christian community, you christians should be offended because he’s choosing to be religious not because he’s truly ” i <3 god" but for more fans. And if he was really religious before, he obviously didnt show it, so whats the change? Oh ya, and shame on you homophobes for not accepting people for how they are.

  • blueskiez

    For those of you who don’t know the pressure teenage heart throbs face in hollywood and the entertainment industry, your managers put on you so much pressure to make you sell sell sell. If he comes out as a gay guy, he would break the hearts of so many potential female fans, and lets face it, if it wasn’t for all the fanatic Sanjaya loving 16 yr old girls, guys like Justin Bieber, BSB, NKOTB would not exist. Look at Ricky Martin for example, what has he done for the past 7 yrs? nothing! and everyone said Barbara Walters Killed his career by outing him on national television. Took him a lot of courage and since times have changed, he finally had the balls to come out with it and admit it to himself and to his fans that yes he is Gay!. So in a nuts shell, these people have to do whatever it takes to make the most money, even if it includes going back to the closet. Mark my words, if he even makes it and doesn’t become a hasbeen, once he establishes a fan base, he will “come out” again…. and BTW, after seeing that video with him prancing and hip thrusting more than lady GAGA, who’s he trying to fool!

  • Josie

    A question to the author … What proof do you have that people are born gay?
    There is no scientific proof, no “gay gene”, ever to have been discovered (as of yet).
    The widely accepted view is that people choose to be gay, and for many personal reasons.
    It may seem for gay people that they were born that way, but the reality is every person is just a bundle of cells and sexual attraction is just a bunch of chemical reactions that originate from one place- your brain. YOU choose to like either men or women, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. There are numerous studies that try to explain why people turn out gay and it seems to be a combination of many things (social and environment) when that person is growing up.
    If you are wondering, yes there are “straight genes”. In fact, I bet if you look at yourself, you will notice physical proof of your straight genes- oh surprise, genitalia! It doesn’t matter who or what created you, the fact alone remains that the purpose of those private parts is to procreate. If you decide you’re not going to use them, that is your CHOICE.

    I realize that perhaps I am veering away from your discussion, but until science proves people are born gay, you can’t in any rational mind, think it to be true.

  • Rick

    Josie, I’m not sure what rock you’re living under but there is NO
    widely accepted view that people choose to be gay (except maybe in 1950) & I’m not really buying that your dick is evidence of your straight genes. Your “rational argument” kind of loses it when you espouse unfounded crap like that and then ask for scientific proof for the parts that you clearly can’t begin to wrap your mind around.

  • calynne

    If he was doing this for more publicity i don’t think preaching to people would be the best way. For someone who has actually found god, and believes, they want to share it with people. And yes, if he is a true believer then he is not going to be interested in other men. So whether he was or wasnt gay before, the fact that he is a christian now and is straight only makes sense. God Bless!

  • Honest Gal

    Blake McGrath is most def gay,and does not hide it.But he is on some holier than thou mission these days.

    He used to follow me on Twitter,we were good friends,but then he told me my screen name was not “Christ Like” and tried to convince me to change it.

    When I told him I wasn’t going to ? He unfollowed me a few hours later.

    I’m a straight girl with many gay friends,I just think it’s a crying shame that Blake McGrath wants fame so badly he is willing to compromise who he is.

    A pity really.

  • Dian Kilborn

    Leave the poor guy alone. None of us have the right to judge!

  • AndrewJ

    Maybe interact with actual gay people , learn about their experiences, and broaden your horizons before posting ridiculous crap like this.