Celebrity Apprentice Returns with a Vengeance!

thedonaldA new season of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice commences on Sunday, March 1st at 9/8:00pm Central with a 2-hour premiere. This time, in my opinion, there are actually some “celebrities” and I must say it is quite a diverse ensemble to say the least. Here are a few familiar names you’ll see this season:
joanrivers1Joan Rivers – Recently wrote a book called, “Men Are Stupid And They Like Big Boobs”. She’s more well known for her candid Red Carpet interviews and commentaries, as well as her jewelry, cosmetics, and other random things she sells on infomercials. Joan is 75 years old, but with as much plastic surgery she’s had, it appears the walking wax museum is frozen in time. Oh, and HER DAUGHTER is on The Apprentice this season too! Should be interesting.
dennisrodman1Dennis Rodman – Yes, for real. This former contraversial vegetarian NBA star is stepping back in the spotlight – although apparently they are going to need a bigger spotlight cuz brother looks likes he’s been eating too much Tofu! Just because you’re not in the NBA doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise! Wonder if he’ll prove to be MVP for his team, or will he leave thinking FML?
tomgreen1Tom Green – Here’s one for Canada! Drew Barrymore(who couldn’t “bear-anymore”)’s ex was raised in Canada’s capital and made a name for himself in the extreme / weird comedy genre. Let’s see if Freddie Gets Fingered Fired or Hired by The Donald.

annie_dukeAnnie Duke – She’s one of the best poker players in the world and coaches other celebrities such as Ben Affleck and Ashton Kutcher how to play. She also made a cameo appearance in Lady Gaga’s video for Poker Face. Just kidding – she didn’t.
melissa_riversMelissa Rivers – Like mother, like daughter apparently. She’s following in her mother’s footsepts, hosting a number of specials, producing shows, and of coursing doing interviews. I’d love to see mother and daughter against each other in the boardroom!
khloe_kardashianKhloe Kardashian – The youngest of the Kardashian’s reality TV family leaves the nest and establishes some individuality. As a spokesperson for Crest, the 24-year must definitely be smiling to get this gig.
andrew_dice_clayAndrew Dice Clay – A nice addition to the cast, as he’s one of the most controversial and outrageous comics today. He’s calls himself the “Undisputed Heavyweight King of Comedy.” He won’t be laughing when Trump is through with him.
tionne_watkinsTionne Watkins – You definitely recognize her as T-Boz, lead singer of record breaking female R&B group, TLC. Do you think she can win this or should she stick to the river and the lakes that she’s used to?
scott_hamiltonScott Hamilton – Figure Skating Champion, Scott Hamilton is breaking the ice and stepping back into the spotlight. He’s actually the co-founder and producer of “Stars on Ice” as well. We’ll see if it will once again be blades of glory for him when the show begins.
brian_mcknightBrian McKnight – R&B soul star has sold over 16 million albums and is back from the McKnight and into the light by joining this season’s celebrity apprentice.
claudia_jordanClaudia Jordan – Deal or No Deal model and actress, Claudia Jordan seems to have opened the right suitcase. Who knew that such a job could launch your careers! Howie did she do it?! She actually used to be on the Price is Right, hosted a show with Carmen Electra, and has even worked with Entertainment tonight. It pays to be beautiful. And Trump pays for the beautiful.
jesse_jamesJesse James – This guy is super successful. He builds custom bikes and cars, produces, publishes, is a TV host, and owns a restaurant. He also has an industrial clothing line that is available at Wal-Marts across America. I’d say he’s the biggest threat here.
hershel_walkerHershel Walker – This football star is now tackling reality TV. He had 15 very successful years of pro-football and received numerous awards. I guess time will tell how that translates into The Boardroom.
natalie_gulbisNatalie Gulbis – She’s a professional golfer, setting several records and she has already starred on her own reality show on the Golf channel. Let’s see if the Celebrity Apprentice challenge is a hole in one for her.
brande_roderickBrande Roderick – This Playmate of the Year has guest starred in a few shows, is going to be in another reality TV show called “Flirty 30’s” and manages a production company. She’s been successful sans clothing, but let’s see what she can do covered up.

See you in The Bored Boardroom!