Celebrity Apprentice 4 Finale: “And The Winner Is…”

It’s the finale of the most entertaining season of Celebrity Apprentice yet, and it’s down to two finalists: Marlee Matlin and John Rich. Personally, I’ve been routing for Marlee Matlin the entire season. She’s has raised the most money ever on the show and she’s performed amazingly on every task (amongst so many nut-jobs). I’ve also met her a few times (she shopped at my store once) and I also recently interviewed her and Meatloaf as well, and I just feel that she’s just an incredible woman. That said, John Rich is a great guy too and they are both deserving of being finalists.

To give you a little bit of a refresher, here are the teams for the final task of launching 7up Retro:

TEAM JOHN RICH : Lil Jon, Mark McGrath, Star Jones
TEAM MARLEE MATLIN: Meatloaf, Richard Hatch, LaToya Jackson

After running into some issues in booking former 7up spokesperson Jeffrey Holder, Marlee’s team manages to get him into the studio and he nails the commercial. As for John Rich, he finally connects with Def Leppard and they move forward in prep for their live performance.

Taking a break from watching the final task, Trump introduces all the fired celebrities, excluding Richard Hatch who is in jail. David Cassidy, who was insulted by Hatch this season, is happy about Hatch being in the slammer. Trump also takes the time to talk to all the other celebs, revisiting the drama they all brought to the show this season.

Marlee’s event goes seamlessly. On the flipside, John Rich runs into a few problems. Firstly, nobody met Trump and the execs upon arrival. They weren’t impressed by that. Secondly, John Rich introduced Def Leppard at 6:40pm. They weren’t scheduled to go on until 7:00pm so needless to say the audience was incredibly confused and disappointed when they didn’t come out when announced. It was very anticlimactic. John Rich then refocussed his energy and performed for the crowd himself to kill the time until they came on.

Then comes the boardroom. The execs liked both cans, but the 80s retro can (John Rich’s) popped more. John Rich also raised $275,000 at the event…and it wasn’t even a fundraising task. Obviously, Trump can’t consider that in his decision.

Finally, Marlee and John were introduced to the live portion of the show. Marlee looked gorgeous and John brought a cowboy hat for Trump to wear. After some chatter and a closer look at both of their charities, the two performed “For The Kids,” with John singing while Marlee translated by his side.

When it comes time to pleading their cases, the fire in Marlee comes out and in my opinion, she was much more passionate and convincing than John Rich was. Both are deserving, but as Marlee put it, she embodies her charity and is living proof of what someone with a disability can accomplish – anything!

In the end, the winner of Celebrity Apprentice is John Rich. Oh well, like I said, they were both deserving and accomplished so much for their respective charities. That’s all for this season!

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