Celebrity Apprentice: We Need To Talk About Lisa Lampanelli

Although I haven’t been recapping Survivor this season, I while back I was compelled to write about Colton Cumbie‘s disgusting comments and behavior on the current season of the hit reality show. Well, now I feel compelled to do the same for comedian Lisa Lampanelli and her behavior on Celebrity Apprentice.

In case you haven’t been watching this season, Lampanelli has had it out for Dayana Mendoza for weeks now and has lost her cool on more than one occasion. The ganging up on Mendoza with Lisa and her other teammates coupled with the numerous vicious attacks on her intelligence because she’s a model and/or because English isn’t her first language have left a bad taste in my mouth.

In last night’s episode, both Lampanelli and Clay Aiken had at different times yelled at Mendoza and undermined her authority as project manager. Sure Mendoza may have rubbed them the wrong way a few times, but in my opinion that is as a result of Aiken and Lampanelli being unable to let go of their egos and their inability to show Mendoza the least bit of respect as a human being. Mendoza knew that there was no way out of the boardroom alive this time round and she was sent home.

In particular with Lampanelli, she continually boasts about how successful she is and it just irks me to see someone so full of themselves and so self righteous (yeah, Aubrey O’Day is another story, but she’s improved a bit since a few episodes ago). Seeing this side of Lampanelli has certainly changed my opinion of her and I do help she seeks out help for her anger problem. I personally cannot stand working with people who can’t control their temper. It’s destructive, counterproductive and unprofessional.

I dont’ doubt that Lisa is a good person with a big heart, and I love that her charity is the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, I just feel that when she lashes out with such hurtful comments, it by far overshadows the good. What are your thoughts on Lisa Lampanelli’s erratic behavior in this season of Celebrity Apprentice?

  • Mike

    I agree with you 100%!!

    She used to be my all time favorite comedian and even when the show started I was telling everyone to watch it so they could see how funny she was. After seeing here JEALOUS nasty side on this show I can’t stand her!!

    It is obvious she is jealous of Dayana and the ways she treats and speaks of her is so nasty. I will even go as far as to call her a racist! As a Latino male I can’t help but be offended on how she would speak of not only Dayana but Patrica Velasquez. Not sure if you heard but Lisa went onto a radio show and called her a “spic”


    Either way, it is sad because Lisa Lampenelli lost a huge fan here. Like Dayana said, Lisa is NOT a professional and it makes me super glad to know that she doesn’t even make it into the final 2! Can’t wait to see her nasty self get fired!

  • Marty

    I agree that Lisa is out of line, however, this time Dayana didn’t play a good game.

    She tried to micro-manage 2 people who were experts in the task. How frustrating it must have been to have someone who can’t rhyme words try to write lyrics…how about Dayana’s snide remark to Clay…maybe we should call Debbie Gibson….then she tells Clay and the professional back-ups how to move and stand during the performance.

    I think it is important to see the entire picture. Dayana knew exactly what she was doing to goad her 2 teammates…just watch her face.

    I do believe that she is classy and I am glad she never used Lisa’s language…however, she was playing the game too.

  • Freev

    I have to agree. I kept defending Lisa and how smart she was, but it just went too far. I can digest Aubrey’s comments because I always get a sense that she is being sarcastic (or trying to be funny), but Lisa is dead serious about all her references and attacks. She can have her opinions/insecurities about Dayana, but I do not think it justifies her delivery and choices of word. Repeatedly calling Dayana a bitc* was too much (especially when she had called Arsenio out a few weeks ago for doing just about the same towards Aubrey). Lisa is undeniably smart and great in the business of comedy, but a little compassion and understanding could have done wonders. I am not saying she had to trust or agree with Dayana in everything, but given the context, she should have attempted to work with her (after all, that’s what she signed up for).
    Dayana proved to be a class act. I applaud her for not breaking down (and quitting) under the constant attack. Her poise, ability to speak multiple languages, organizational skills and willingness to work with huge egos are signs of much intelligence in my humble opinion.

    Ps: And just to be clear here, Lisa was out of line, but so was Clay. Perhaps I am even more bothered about him them Lisa. While Lisa just spits it all out, he is very passive aggressive and cynical. Dayana asked him a simple question regarding his performance, which caused him to break down and attack her (I guess we know what his weak spot is, huh?).

  • I can’t claim to have been a fan of Lisa before this show, but as I understand it, calling out all different races is part of her shtick (which, I suppose, people give her a pass for b/c she attacks every group equally). So, I’ll leave that particular part of things out of my commentary. But, I have to say that even though Dayana wasn’t always as effective as she needed to be (some of which I will be fair + chalk up to youth + the language/culture difference), she genuinely seemed to try. It’s like she was scapegoated from early on in the competition (even being brought back into the boardroom after a fundraising challenge where she was one of the team’s two biggest fundraisers that week! i mean, come on). Dayana’s personal strengths/weaknesses during the show aside, I think a lot of the folks she’s worked with have been downright disrespectful to her, ranging from dismissive to condescending to vicious (Lisa calling her a little b#tch, repeatedly, + having the nerve to demand an apology while doing so). While I don’t think Dayana was the most suited to the Celeb Apprentice title, to be fair, I do think she was an absolute class act + I love that she kept her cool in the final boardroom when Lisa was once again being nasty, vicious, catty, + spiteful. A perfect example of being a lady vs. being shady. I’m a fan of Dayana’s now. Lisa…not so much.

  • @Marty – Yes, I noticed from time to time that Dayana would take little digs like that, but I also keep in mind that she was dealing with two folks who had been putting her down (Clay included, with his whole “I finally see what everyone was talking about with Dayana…I could barely understand what she was saying most of the time…”). Though not totally professional, I can only assume that some of those residual feelings came into play with Dayana’s remarks. Also, she seemed to ‘micro-manage’ more as a result of feeling boxed out from her own team whenever she offered input. If it wasn’t eye-rolling + being condescending, it was flat-out tossing a hissy fit at a suggestion she made. I feel like that whole task could have been handled better by all parties involved, though. Dayana shouldn’t have ‘micro-managed’, but Clay + Lisa shouldn’t have kept freezing her out + overreacting at every suggestion.

  • zach

    What I didn’t understand was why Trumpster kept harping on Dayana that managing Clay and Lisa was part of a Project Manager’s job. The truth is that in the real world, if Lisa was so rude to a manager, her ass would be managed out of a job so fast her head would spin. In Celebrity Apprentice, the Project Manager can’t fire assholes

  • Mike

    The entire shelf-life of the model on the show was a commercial for the miss universe pageant. Trump took over an extremely irrelevant beauty pageant and is pimping out this poor woman.
    I watched the show and Lisa seemed more at her wits end at the teflon coating this girl received from “Mr. Trump” than at dayanas(?) “beauty” or performance. You want the truth about dayana. watch Ivankas reactions to her in the boardroom. She seems bewildered to how she is there over and over again but help in such high regard by her dad. It just seemed like more obvious self promotion than “success” by Trump.
    Lampanelli was right, but too “emotional” lol whatever

  • AC

    @zach. OMG, my thoughts exactly! If it’s not a real job, there’s no incentive for them to give a shit about the other people. Dayana can’t be faulted for not being able to handle the other two teammates. I’ll admit she wasn’t the best, but, to me, Lisa has just been horrible on this show. Don’t start crying constantly while at the same time demeaning people with your words.

  • @Mike – Lampanelli was “right” out of her mind. I’m not sure why you put quotes around beauty in reference to Dayana. She’s clearly a gorgeous girl, which (let’s be honest) even Clay mentioned was probably part of why Lisa was jealous of her. There’s no sense in us trying to glaze over that aspect of things. Most anyone who watched the show would probably agree that Lisa’s attitude toward Dayana much of the time was fueled by jealousy. If you don’t agree, then why do you think she got so personally riled up + emotional anytime Dayana might possibly be featured in any capacity on stage/in the spotlight? It certainly wasn’t because Dayana wasn’t qualified to be on stage. She was, after all, a pageant winner. As for the truth about Dayana, Ivanka’s reactions in the boardroom don’t really have much relevance to the Dayana vs. Lisa conflict. Also, Donald himself even said he’d like to fire Dayana last week, but she wasn’t the most obvious choice to go then b/c her performance in the task didn’t directly cause their loss. You are probably right, though, about Donald wanting her on the show to promote his pageant brand, as we all know Donald is all about self-promotion. Still, that doesn’t excuse any of Lisa’s behavior.

  • Al

    Lisa did not like Dayana nor Patricia since the beginning of the show. Lisa was making fun of their accent, making racist remarks.LISA IS A RACIST, and is very noticeable in her comments and body gestures. She quacks like a DUCK, walks like a DUCK and s…. like a DUCK, IT IS A DUCK.If she used the “N” word or the “Jew” word then it will be in every newspaper, and she would have been fire long ago.

  • Rob

    Both Lisa and Aubrey are a shame to the LGBT charities they sponsor. Is sad to see Dayana going home because she was the last one standing there who didn’t sell herself out for fame, scandal or just to survive boardroom.
    Lisa has given a shameful performance, she’s been a bully and I’m sad to remember last season of celebrity apprentice with 2 good hearted people making it to the finale, and just even think of whom in this one could be there and be proud of.

    You can say everything about Dayana. She didn’t speak the language as fast as Lisa, she didn’t have that much experience. But boy she had class, she had dignity and she did represent us very well.

  • Sarah M

    You took the words out of my mouth for the most part. Both lisa & clay undermined her as the leader, it was her project they should have supported her and got behind her even if they did not agree, they could have used it in the board room. But while working on the task, stay focused. Perhaps she might not have understood the terminology so well, perhaps this was not her forte, not all task will be a PM forte however, they were so mean, ruthless and condescending, How do you like that clay? Remind you of something? The Hulk had some weaknesses too and I think more than Dayana did, but you stuck up for the weaker one, but your true colors shinned through. What a disgrace that you won Idol, you are not an American representative. And clay’s comment about disabled children & comparing it to his dealing with Dayana, weigh below the belt. I must say it was so disgusting that he sank even lower than lisa who could think that would be possible right? Oh, and before you think that I too am ignorant for not capitalizing your names, make no mistake, I am doing for good reason! They don’t deserved to be capitalized. lisa sat and cried like a baby who did not get her way, so pathetic, then demanded an apology as she sat and continuously called Dayana a bitch and a whole other things. And you are the one who wants an apology Really? Meanwhile, the lady you HATE AND ARE JEALOUS OF sat there cool, collected and classy! I would not have fucking apologized to the bitch, for you having a melt down, you need help!!! I would have walked out, not because I am a quitter but because I would never allow anyone to have treated me that way. Do you think Trump would put up with it? No one let me repeat that NO ONE deserves that type of treatment. because seriously, in the real world a project manger would not allow people to act like babies, they would be fired!! They had no team spirit, no human dignity, no honor, no team work mentality, nothing but mean, dirty and cheap tactics. Sick, very sick people they are that do not deserve to be celebrities at all, in my book they are nothing but the scum of the earth. Disgraceful. I am surprised no one has commented on this post, but I must say one final thing, not only did they make a compete and utter disgrace of themselves but they also have no sense of team work. Things do not get done well or successfully by beating down your team mates, you build others up, help them along and to clarify things to them if they do not understand. And you take all things under consideration, even if at times the ideas will not work or seem off the wall. That is the art of creation, allowing ideas to flow not shutting people down! Oh, but wait, it would really be impossible for you two to have done that because there was no way you could get past your own egocentric, idealistic views of yourselves. And just because you have become successful doesn’t mean you should be, or that you deserved your success…recall Hitler too was successful.

  • Robert

    The same thought occurred to me. Hitler was a bully and a sucessful leader. The show seems to praise people and reward them when they act the same way. I think Dayana should of gotten an award for the way she maintained her dignity despite having to deal with such ugly and disrespectful people.