All-Star Celebrity Apprentice Cast Announced

This morning, Donald Trump stopped by The Today Show with Matt Lauer to talk a little about politics, but mostly to talk about the cast for the upcoming All Stars Celebrity Apprentice, premiering in March 2013.

It’s a great mix of people this year and people are definitely bound to butt heads. One of the people I’m most excited about having back is Omarasa – not because she’s my favorite, but because she seems to bring the drama and tension into the show. Remember in the first season when she kept complaining about the fact that a chip from the ceiling fell on her head? I can just imagine how her and LaToya Jackson will clash. Oh, slip of the tongue – she’s back too!

Out of the fourteen cast members, only one former winner is returning and that is the 2010 champ Bret Michaels. Check out the full cast list below, as well as Donald Trump introducing them all back while they were all on The Today Show this morning (with the exception of two of them who couldn’t make it).

Donald Trump Reveals The Cast On ‘Today’

Celebrity Apprentice All Stars Cast

Trace Adkins

Background: Country Star
Season: 7
Result: Fired In The Season Finale
Raised: $102,000

Dee Snider

Background: Twisted Sister Frontman
Season: 12
Result: Fired In Task 8
Raised: $326,000

Dennis Rodman

Background: Former Basketball Player
Season: 8
Result: Fired in task 5
Raised: 0

Omarosa (who competed on “The Apprentice”)

Background: Reality Star
Season: 1, 7
Result: Fired In Week 9, Fired in week 10
Raised: 0

Penn Jillette

Background: Magician
Season: 12
Result: Fired In Task 11
Raised: $50,000

Gary Busey

Background: Actor
Season: 11
Result: Fired In Task 7
Raised: $40,000

LaToya Jackson

Background: Entertainment / Entrepreneur
Season: 11
Result: Fired In Task 10
Raised: $65,000

Lil Jon

Background: Rapper / Entrepreneur
Season: 11
Result: Fired In Task 12
Raised: $80,000

Stephen Baldwin

Season: 7
Result: Fired In Week 11
Raised: $89,324.79

Marilu Henner

Background: Author / Actor
Season: 7
Result: Fired In Week 8
Raised: $20,000

Lisa Rinna

Background: Actress
Season: 11
Result: Fired in task 2
Raised: 0

Brande Roderick

Background: Playboy Playmate
Season: 8
Result: Fired In Task 12
Raised: $166,450

Claudia Jordan

Background: Model (Deal or No Deal)
Season: 8
Result: Fired in task 4
Raised: 0

Bret Michaels

Background: Rock Star (Poison)
Season: 9
Result: Winner
Raised: $640,000

  • Josh

    This is using the term “all star” more than a little loosely

  • Haha, totally agree Josh!

  • CT

    Kinda suprised about Omarosa, considering her husband just died. And no whore- pit vipers?
    No star jones and nene leaks? No Dionne (I got your number, hussy) Warwick? Lame

  • Rob

    NOO they should have bring Dayana Mendoza (L) that would have been amazing. I would have also loved to see Star Jones, Audrey Obey or Lisa the fat one (dont remember her last name) in last season
    Hated the 3 of them but they brought a lot of drama