‘Celebrity Apprentice 5’ Preview: “When Famous People Misbehave, We All Win”

Last night while watching the Golden Globes, I caught this juicy preview for the upcoming fifth season of Celebrity Apprentice. The preview starts off with famed magician Penn Jillette saying (as my title reads), “When famous people misbehave, we all win.” With this little sneak peak, I’m definitely even more interested in watching this season. There’s so much talk of backstabbing and throwing people under the bus, how can you not watch? Of course, they stress that it’s all for…charity.

The cast is full of very different, big personalities so it is certainly a recipe for disaster perfection. “If you attack me, I’ll attack you right back,” says Real Housewives reality star Teresa Giudice. Love it.

The new season premieres on Sunday, February 19 on NBC. For now, check out the dramatic and funny preview below.

  • I’m getting so tired of watching people behaving badly be it a celebrity or not. Last season, Dionne Warwick showed her most ugly side with some of her nonsense and quasi-Diva attitude. Puleese.