Celebrity Apprentice 4 Episode 9: “Now Where’s Your Barbara Walters?!”

I may not support Donald Trump in his ridiculous run for president, but I’ll give him this: He did put together an amazing cast this season on Celebrity Apprentice. It’s been extremely entertaining. Last week, LaToya Jackson was fired, evening out the teams a little more. Lucky for us, the drama on the women’s team doesn’t end with LaToya, and the preview for this episode looks amazing. Nene is determined to “f*ck Star up” in this game. In the preview for this episode, a HUGE fight breaks out between Nene Leakes and Star Jones and I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

The task is to produce a hair show using two professional stylists and four models. Audience of prof stylists and educators. Brand messaging, showcasing of products and tools, and overall presentation. After losing rock, paper, scissors, the project manager for the men is Lil John. For the women, it’s Nene Leakes, after Star had apparently told her that morning that she should be the P.M. In confessional, Nene says, “Who the f*ck died and made you in charge of project managers?” In front of Trump and his advisors who had just finished introducing the task, she was just as nasty…

She starts off by saying, “It’s all strategic, but I get it. It’s all good, it’s going down.” As Star starts backing away from Nene who is yelling at her, Star says, “You know what, this is not The Real Housewives…” Nene responds by saying, “It doesn’t have to be The Real Housewives. Who are YOU to step in and tell somebody when to be project manager. Who are you!? WHO are YOU!? I will take you down, while the rest of these girls will look at you and be scared. I’m the only girl that’s not scared of you. You pressed the last button in me Miss Star Jones and I will do you when the rest of these girls won’t. This is your puppet [referring to Hope], and I’m not.” Star responds by saying, “Wow,” followed by Trump saying the same thing. “Wow.” Star starts trying to move away from her, but Nene follows. Nene adds, “You talk the good game, now bring your street game, cuz that’s what I’m bringing. Now, where’s your Barbara Walters…Miss I’m so educated. Let’s see how educated you are on the street?”

“This is not the Housewives of Atlanta, and I was bound and determined to show America how an educated black women handles stress and the way that someone who is not educated handles stress,” declares Star in confessional. After yelling at her some more, Nene calls her a “punk ass bitch” and walks away. Wow. And this is just the START to the episode?!

Needless to say, it’s an awkward drive for the women’s team as they head back to their office to star on the Hair Show task. Meanwhile, the men are feeling pretty good at this point given the dysfunctional group their competing against. In fact, they even want to one up the women, so they decide to give supermodel Niki Taylor a call and see if she’ll be a spokesperson for their team. If you recall, she was eliminated earlier this season. Good one, boys! The men come up with the catch phrase, “Feeling Good In America,” for their campaign.

When the women get started, Nene does her best to stay focused on the task and change the vibe. When she comes up with the catch phrase, “Shake Your Beauty” for their show, the girls got up and started shaking their hair out, along with the negativity.

Out of nowhere, LaToya Jackson (fired last week) comes to see Donald Trump in his office. She says she was thrown off guard by getting fired and says she doesn’t understand why, as there were no grounds for her to be fired. She wants to come back and prove her ability and get a second chance. Trump says he’s never given anybody a second chance before on Celebrity Apprentice, and he says he is going to think about it over the next 24 hours. Very interesting twist! This episode just keeps getting better.

In preparation for their hair shows, teams have to meet with their models, shop for the clothes they’re going to wear, and meet with the stylists. Both teams wind up in the same salon with their stylists and models. Sidenote: How amazing would it be to have Tabatha Coffey running the salon. Better yet, let’s get her on the next Celebrity Apprentice! I’ve put it on my To Do List. Anyway, the ladies are certainly surprised when Niki Taylor shows up, as help for the men’s team.

The next day, it’s rehearsal time, each team encountering their own share of minor glitches and hiccups.

The women’s presentation was high energy and very professional. I think they might have nailed it! Marlee got here hair styled as part of their presentation, while Hope walked the runway like Big Bird according to Nene. For the men, their presentation started off dry, but the energy picked up and their presentation was very creative.


Straight away, the discussion starts with Nene and Star’s fight…and it goes on for some time. Nene says Star has been backstabbing, and Star says she doesn’t consider herself a backstabber. Then Nene replies, “Why is your reputation the way it is?” …And my jaw drops. Oh, it went there. Star continued to remain silent. Damn she’s good. Unfortunately, the crazier Nene gets, the better Star looks and the worse Nene does.

The executives found the men’s presentation was better than the women’s, and the men won. Trump then says he has a surprise for the men, and in walks LaToya Jackson. She’s joining the men’s team. Trump asks LaToya what she thinks about what’s going on with the women, and she completely agrees with Nene: Star a backstabber, Hope a follower. My guess is that Hope is getting the boot.

*** NOW, President Obama interupts the show to tell us that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. Seriously, there are only 5 minutes left in the show and he has to do it NOW!? My guess is that his plan was to interrupt Celebrity Apprentice in the last five minutes to get back at Donald Trump for everything he’s said about him. Nice work, Obama.

Anyway, Hope ends up going home for flying on the radar and not being as passionate as the other women.

  • Drey

    Star Jones has no people skills/can be quite apathetic, but Nene is just too much. I think Nene should have been fired for her embarassing display infront of Farouk/Trump.
    The strongest in my opinion: Star, Marlee, Lil Jon and John.

    Regardless, I’m team LaToya *does Lagiggle*.

  • this episode was AH-MAZ-ING.

    i thought nene’s trademark flip-out was a tad much, especially in front of farouk, however, she tells it like it is and isn’t playing the game dirty like star. and all of her team members backed her up on her accusations against star. plus, nene makes for good ratings and keeping hope on would have been boring.

    nene for the win!

  • My favorite part was when La Toya sashayed into the boardroom. The look on Star’s face was epic.