Celebrity Apprentice 4 Episode 7: “We Have Been Locked In A Room With A Mad Man”

Last week, I unfortunately wasn’t able to get the recap up for the episode as last Sunday night I was at the GLAAD Awards in LA…but to make up for it, I interviewed Marlee Matlin and Meat Loaf about their Celebrity Apprentice experience. I have since caught up last week’s episode and to sum it up, last week Mark McGrath was eliminated after the men lost, and LaToya Jackson led the women to victory. The men were livid that Gary Busey survived and is still in the game, while the women couldn’t be happier with this situation. “You’re either crazy or you’re a saboteur,” says John Rich right to Busey’s face. I kind of have to agree with Rich. I would go bonkers with this guy on my team. To make matters worse, I’ve heard that he has really bad breath too. Yuck. Well, we’ll see how this all plays out in this episode. At this point, things are looking up for the women.

This week, teams are tasked with creating & presenting a 20-minute cooking demonstration for Omaha Steaks. They also have to create and present an original Omaha Steak Variety Pack. The Project Manager for the women (ASAP) is going to be Playmate Hope Dworacyzk. For the men (Backbone), it’s going to be wacko Gary Busey.

Busey assigns Meatloaf to be the chef, when Meatloaf (despite his food name) doesn’t really know how to cook. John Rich and Lil John on the other hand do. Strike one. Then, when the men meat with the execs, Busey doesn’t really ask any questions that will help them accomplish the task. In fact, he purposefully wants to appear to have no focus. “That’s part of my art, that’s part of my mystery.” Strike three.

At ASAP, in Star Jones style, she starts taking over the task. That being said, I did agree with what role she thought everyone should play in the task. All except LaToya cooking one of the steaks, but I guess she was going for the celebrity status over the presentation ability. For their variety pack, the women come up with “Poker Night,” which is actually quite unique and they seem to be heading in a positive direction.

The women decide on doing doing one steak, one seafood, one burger. Hope, who is going to be the host for the presentation, sends Marlee and Nene out to get supplies, when she probably should have sent Star for once. All she does is sit at her computer all day so she doesn’t get blamed for anything. Marlee and Nene could have really used as much rehearsal time as possible.

The women’s problems were nothing compared to the men. “We have been locked in a room with a mad man,” says John Rich to Lil John about having to work with Busey. At one point, John Rich and Gary Busey have it out when Meatloaf points out that there is something wrong on the menu. Rich was also still livid about Busey having called him “boy” the day before.

During the presentation, I thought the women were quite organized, creative, and professional. The cons to their presentation was that there wasn’t enough cooking going on and that Nene didn’t say the brand name enough. For the men, Meatloaf was on his game – a great cook and a great presenter. The judges were impressed. As a con, when Gary started talking, he lost focus and went off on a tangent with his stories. The other con is that John Rich and Lil John weren’t involved in the presentation at all.


In the Boardroom, Trump focusses on the men at first, and their obvious frustration with Gary Busey and his crazy disorganization as their leader. To the contrary, the women got along really well in the boardroom and they had nothing bad to say about Hope. In the end, the women win and the judges felt like they did a far better job. Although it all went well, there was a clear grudge between LaToya and Nene that became more apparent and will clearly carry over into next week.

When Gary Busey was asked who he would take to The Boardroom, he says that the three guys did a great job and he really wouldn’t want to fire any of them. At this point, he just looks defeated, knowing that everyone doesn’t want to work with him. With all four men in the room, Trump just decides to save them all time and energy and sends Busey packing. Finally.