Celebrity Apprentice 4 Episode 11: “And Then There Were Two…”

After Nene, LaToya, and Star all got “fired” last week, it’s now down to four (far less bitchy) celebrities in this the fourth season of Celebrity Apprentice:

  • 1. Meatloaf
  • 2. Marlee Matlin
  • 3. John Rich
  • 4. Lil John

Without wasting too much time, Donald Trump walks into their suite and tells them that they will be going into interviews with Bret Michaels, Joan Rivers, and Piers Morgan. After the interviews, two more people will be fired and the final two competitors will go head to head in the final task.

In the interviews, John Rich is quite strong but relies a bit too much on his writing skills. Lil Jon basically says that Marlee and John Rich should be in the final two over him, while Meatloaf defends his emotions during this season And Marlee? She really impresses them – and me too. It really should be Marlee Matlin against John Rich. I really hope Marlee wins this season!

Lil Jon is the first to be fired. John Rich speaks to how it was important for Lil Jon to have broken the rapper stereotype, which I agree that he did successfully. Now another person must be fired. After hearing them plea their cases a little more, Trump reveals that it was too much emotion that did Meatloaf in and he is fired.

The final two are Marlee Matlin and John Rich! (PS: If you haven’t checked out my interview with Marlee and Meatloaf, check it out here!)


The winner of the final task will get $250,000 to their charity. Their task is to launch 7up Retro. They have to (1) design the packaging & in-store display, (2) write, create, and produce a commercial, and (3) launch the campaign at a star studded event that they put on for customers. Marlee and John get $50,000 from 7up towards their charities for making it this far. Here are the teams and what themes they each have.

Team John Rich

Def Leppard and the 1980s

  • Lil Jon
  • Mark McGrath
  • Star Jones

Team Marlee Matlin

Harlem Globetrotters & The 1970s

  • Meatloaf
  • Richard Hatch
  • Latoya Jackson

As bossy as she is, I think Marlee should have picked Star Jones. She’s a hard worker and clearly would want redemption after being fired. Marlee and Richard Hatch are the only level headed ones on her team. John’s team is stacked. I really hope Marlee can succeed in bringing the best out of LaToya, control Meatloaf, and be the sole survivor with the help of Richard Hatch.

On Marlee’s team, Meatloaf really wants their 7up box to be a boombox, but the team decides against it. He thinks this is a critical mistake. Other than that, they’ve also already designed the cans as well and they’re now onto their commercial. They decide to call Jeffrey Holder, the 7up spokesperson in the 70s and see if he’s available. His answer is YES!

Meanwhile, John Rich tries to get Dee Snider from Twisted Sister to be in their commercial, but Snider has a mustache that he can’t shave at the moment. At first it doesn’t look it’s gonna happen, but then he pulls through.

Each team is now busy at work putting together their celebrity retro commercials. With a few minor hiccups here and there, it looks like both will be a success.

Now when all the tasks start overlapping, John starts to lose his cool. He’s not the only one that loses his cool. Back at Marlee’s team, Jeffrey Holder is not able to sign the release to do the project. The lawyer is not allowing him to do it. Meatloaf loses his cool. In between calls, Meatloaf says, “I’m gonna throw this f*cking phone across the f*cking room!”

Yikes! So who do you think is going to win? Is that the same person you want to win?