Celebrity Apprentice 4 Episode 10: “You Can’t Just Leave Your Team And Abandon Us”

Ugh. Three effing hours? Are you kidding me? A two hour show is long enough, but three Trump? Last week, LaToya Jackson was brought back and she has joined the men’s team. After an intense boardroom last week, Star Jones left the suite, avoiding having to talk to Nene Leakes. At the start of this episode, Trump gets word that Star is not willing to work with Nene anymore so he switches up the team. Here are the new teams:

Backbone: LaToya Jackson, John Rich, Lil Wayne, and Nene Leakes
ASAP: Meatloaf, Marlee Matlin, and Star Jones

Their task is to produce a comedy show with three comedians each. They get 50 tickets to sell, that they can sell at any price they want. Obviously, the goal is to make the most money. LaToya is the PM for Backbone, while Meatloaf steps up for ASAP. After the task is assigned, Nene disappears and her team doesn’t know where she is. She said she needed to be by herself after Star said she couldn’t work with her. That’s gonna come back to bite her in the ass.

As the teams start working on the task, Star Jones gets Tracy Morgan to help out with the task by filming a short video vignette with her flip cam. Meanwhile on the other team, I have to say it’s nice hearing LaToya’s voice for a change. She’s a bit more vocal when not in the presence of Star. With that said, she’s not doing so well with fundraising which is surprising considering the people she knows. She’s not even good at asking – she only got $1,000 from the Hiltons (which isn’t a lot this season)! Aside from that, they are also still missing Nene and have no idea where she is.

Nene calls Trump and decides she just wants to walk away from the show. He’s not impressed. Nene has quit. “I can’t stay in this environment because it’s too negative,” she says via text message. “You can’t just leave your team and abandon us,” says John Rich about the situation. This sucks – Nene was one of the best things about this season!

After auditioning their comedians, both teams get back to fundraising as much as they can. On the way to their trailer, Meatloaf is crying in the van because he’s worried about losing the money raised if they lose the task. Star steps up and says that she would call Trump for him and ask if him if they could keep the winnings should they lose. Trump says no and explains that the show is about charity, but it’s more about winning. Meatloaf is devastated as he doesn’t want to gamble the money earned for his charity. Marlee knocks some sense into Meatloaf and tells him they have to finish the task.

Jimmy Fallon donated $10,000 to LaToya’s team and he and John Rich jam out to a song Fallon wrote about The Apprentice called “Yer Fired”.

Time for the comedy shows. Each PM has to introduce the show. Meatloaf’s show is first and he actually ends up nailing his hosting duties. All the comedians were also really funny too. Tracy Morgan’s video was a little lame, but Marlee did a comedy bit and it was actually quite funny. I recently watched a video of her at Trump’s roast and she was hysterical. You should watch it if you haven’t. Backbone’s presentation is also great – they even get Jimmy Fallon to come and perform (which is what the other team should have done with Tracy Morgan.

In the Boardroom, Trump fills everyone in on Meatloaf’s struggle during the task. Trump then goes onto the Nene quitting issue. Because Nene didn’t get the chance to get fired by Trump directly, he decides to say his peace in her absence: “To you, Nene, I say, you’re fired. And you’re a quitter. And Star Jones kicked your ass whether you like it or not.” Now, back to the task at hand. John Rich says that if Meatloaf loses, he will personally donate to Meatloaf’s charity. Such a nice guy! It was then revealed that LaToya brought in less money ($82,500) and Meatloaf won the task ($102,080) for his charity. Meatloaf breaks down into tears. Because her team lost, LaToya has to be fired. Hugs & kisses on the way out.


Right into the next episode, the teams have to create a promo commercial for a new OnStar product that will be sold at Best Buy. Marlee steps up as PM for her team, while John Rich steps up for his. I’m not going to bother doing a full recap for this second episode within an episode, as I think this three hour show is ridiculous. To make a long story short, Lil John’s team wins and Marlee’s team heads to the boardroom. Marlee, Meatloaf, or Star will be fired.

The case for Marlee being fired would be that she was the PM. The case for Meatloaf being fired would be that the commercial didn’t work (which was his idea) and he wasn’t funny. The case for Star being fired would be that she was in charge of branding. After a lot of yelling and screaming between Meatloaf and Star, ultimately Star Jones is fired. Ding dong the witch is dead.

It’s now down to the final four: Marlee Matlin, Meatloaf, John Rich, and Lil John. My bet is on Marlee Matlin winning Celebrity Apprentice. Who do you think is going to win?

  • Patty, just watching it now. You totally missed the best part about Latoya’s exit. The homage to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” music video with the lit sidewalk. AMAZING.

  • thomas

    you really need to work on your recapping skills. John Rich was the PM for the second task. proofread please

  • Dan

    Patty – You must have just died when you saw this was a three hour episode!

    Dono – I completely agree with you, the lit sidewalk was HYSTERICAL!