This week country singer Trace Adkins helps joins the panel with the Trumps as one of the judges. The Celebrities congregate at The Bottom Line Cabaret to hear their task from Mr. Trump for this episode. They have one male and one female country singer, that are up and coming. Their task is to choose one of them to work with (after negotiating with the other team) give them a makeover, create a press kit, and help them overall with their image. They will also do an interview with People Magazine, and the teams will be judged on how they prepped the artists. Meanwhile, Sharon Osbourne’s still sick, which Holly thinks is not fair.

Cyndi is project manager for the women, while Bill Goldberg is the project manager for the men. As the task commences, the women are already bickering, with Cyndi clashing with everyone as per usual. As project manager, Cyndi being especially controlling in this episode. Girls really want Emily.

The artists are Luke Bryan and Emily West. After an uneventful negotiation, the women’s team gets Emily, while the men get Luke.

During the task, Maria and Holly felt that Cyndi would never let them finish their sentences. Maria ends up confronting Cyndi on it, and Cyndi apologizes.

On the men’s team, Brett is really stepping up. And, when I say stepping up, I mean he’s doing everything.
Trying to be resourceful in terms of clothing, Curtis sees that he and Luke are the same size so they decide to take their shirts off and exchange shirts to see how Curtis’ style suits Luke. Grrrr – Curtis with his clothes off.

Next up, they have the People Country Interview to prepare for. Brett preps Luke for the interview with some media training, while Maria preps Emily. They both do really well during their interviews and are well prepared.

After they finished the shopping, Cyndi wanted to help out improve with makeup. Just then, Sharon shows up from her sick leave. Holly briefs her on the task & Cyndi starts asking Sharon about her opinions on things, since she’s a successful music manager. I missed Sharon.

As Luke’s photoshoot approaches, Brett is stressing out because Goldberg and Curtis are stuck in traffic with the clothes. Brett begins the photoshoot without, but when they finally arrive they manage to get him into the new wardrobe for the shoot. They make him a little edgier, after a bit of struggle getting him to wear this chain necklace. I think they succeeded in what they tried to achieve with this guy who was incredibly boring before.

During the woman’s photoshoot, Cyndi’s running the show, but Maria bites her nails from the sidelines, having a lot of modeling experience herself.

During the performances, both artists did a great job, but Emily looked like Joan Rivers with all that makeup on. They made her look 30 years older.

Speaking of makeup, Donald was wearing TONS in the boardroom. Enough said.

As the bantering begins, Maria explains how her idea of Cyndi Lauper, her childhood idol, has been ruined by working with her. She feels that it’s “Girls just wanna be mean>,” instead of the original chorus.

As she says that, Cyndi responds by saying “I’ll send you a picture, you can draw a dartboard and then then throw it.”

Time for the results. For the press kit – the men win. For the interview, the women. Overall… the women win.

Having delegated 95% of the task to Bret, there was no other choice but to send Goldberg home.

Quotes of the Night:

Cyndi :Maria, I don’t want her to dress like you.
Goldbery: I don’t like negotiating with people that i can’t beat up.
Maria: Don’t put any guyliner on him Brett
Cyndi: You AIRBRUSHED her!?
Goldburg: (to Luke) What color are your eyes? Yes, a married guy just asked that.
Holly: And then in came hurricane Cyndi…
Donald: “Maria, please have your fricken mole removed off your shoulder!”
Donald: “Guys aren’t my thing”
Cyndi: “You’re either special or you’re not special.”