Celebrity Apprentice 3: Cast Spoilers


Fans of Celebrity Apprentice will have to wait til March 14, 2010 to get their fix of watching “celebrities” going at it like cats and dogs. NBC announced yesterday, that the third installment of the celebrity version of the show- 9th season overall- will premiere shortly after NBC’s coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Just a few years ago, the Donald Trump reality show was on the verge of cancellation but then found new life in recruiting famous personalities to compete for their favorite charities.

Last season, fans saw an epic catfight between comedienne, Joan Rivers, and poker player, Annie Duke. The battle got so heated, Rivers at one point likened Duke to Hitler- kinda sounds like someone I know. Although NBC hasn’t formally announced this season’s participants, the identities were unintentionally revealed when the cast was spotted filming promotional materials a couple of months ago on the streets of New York City. Even though, most hardcore fans know the celebrities involved, NBC still only has silhouettes of the cast on their website.


So who will join the ranks of Piers Morgan and Joan Rivers as the ultimate Celebrity Apprentice? What rivalries will arise from this bunch of a-type personalities? Will they rival the Piers vs Omarosa or Joan vs Annie rivalry of season’s past? Once again, the teams are divided initially between women vs men. This was a fun idea when they first started doing this, but its getting a bit tired. My guess is, traditionally when you get a bunch of women together, chances are pretty high that some sort of catfight will occur. Without further adieu, here’s the cast of Celebrity Apprentice 3.



Hometown: London, England
Occupation: Music Manager / Television Personality

We all know and love Sharon from her reality series, “The Osbournes” and her gig on “America’s Got Talent”. With her rock-n-roll connections and business acumen, Osbourne is a pretty much a sure thing on making the final 4. Lest we forget, “Celebrity Apprentice” is all about your money-raising abilities and your previous interactions with the Donald. Couple that with both shows- “America’s Got Talent” and “Celebrity Apprentice”- are both on NBC, it would be a complete shocker if she didn’t make the final episode. Having said that, would Donald give the Apprentice title to Sharon after giving the bragging rights to Piers in season 1- both are Brits and judges on “America’s Got Talent”? Probably not. Expect her to stay long enough to ruffle enough feathers and stir the pot but not to win.


Hometown: Queens, New York
Occupation: Singer

“Oh girls, they just wanna have fun”. 80s pop singer, Cyndi Lauper, always brings an air of whimsy to whatever project she’s involved in. She’s well respected in the industry, a big philantrophist and she’s got street smarts. I predict she’ll coast into the latter half of the season and even make the final two. She’s likable and probably won’t irritate her teammates, and if she does she’ll probably cut them (she’s from Queens). Cyndi Lauper FTW (for the win).


Hometown: Georgetown, Cayman Islands
Occupation: Model

Let’s call a spade a spade. The Donald likes his eye candy and Selita definitely fits the bill. The uber-hot Victoria’s Secret model is only 26 and hasn’t amassed a huge rolodex of influential and rich contacts like her competitors. I have no idea how adept she is to business matters, but I do know she has a mean runway walk. I guess that’ll come in handy when Donald fires her and has to do the walk of shame. At least she can put a little sass into it. Pure cannon fodder, but a pretty one at that.


Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Athlete

Traditionally people from the WWE tend to support each other immensely. If she can be competent during all tasks and volunteer to become project manager during a money-raising task, she’ll do well. I have no idea who she is, but she strikes me as a person who is probably smarter then her persona lets on. And by persona, I mean big fake boobs. She’ll make it halfway through the season but no further.


Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Actress

Oh, I had the hugest crush on her during her 21 Jump Street days. If the task was getting a beat down from Robin Given’s she’d win hands down, but I don’t Donald has that in the schedule. My guess, she’ll be under the radar for most of the season and then cut unceremoniously like T-Boz last season.


Hometown: Roseville, California
Occupation: Athlete, TV Host

Former swimming gold medalist, Summer has made a name for herself as a TV host since her Olympic days. Since she’s worked in the world of professional sports, she probably has an extensive list of people she can call for donations. She also seems very well grounded and won’t get caught up with all the dramz. I predict she’ll make it at least halfway and give Osbourne and Lauper a run for their money. Plus, Donald has a hard-on for all former gold winning Olympians.


Hometown: Long Island, New York
Occupation: Comedian, TV Writer

Funny woman, Carol Leifer, has made millions laugh with her work as a screenwriter for Seinfeld and SNL, but her comedic skills won’t take her far in the boardroom. Donald won’t get her humor and will think she’s not taking the competition seriously and will cut her faster than a stray hair on his hideous head. I predict she’ll be the first one to go from the women’s team.



Hometown: Butler, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Musician

Poison frontman, Bret Michaels, probably won’t be a factor in the game. Donald respected former Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons, during season 1 and reluctantly fired him. Somehow, I just don’t see Trump giving the same consideration to Bret and will have no problem cutting him early. He’ll be “poison” to his team and cause major drama.


Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Occupation: Politician

Former disgraced Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich probably joined the show with ulterior motives- to gain favor with the American public. During last summer’s trainwreck “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Here”, his wife, Patty was the most likable out of the cast and endeared herself to viewers. I don’t think he’s got a shot in hell of winning this thing, but given the lack of competition from the men, I predict he’ll be the last man standing.


Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Chef, TV Personality

How does one become a celebrity chef? I wonder if I can entice any celebrity with my gourmet usage of SPAM- haha. Could Australia be the new UK? As mentioned earlier, Trump gave the season 1 title to a foreigner, could he do the same again this season? Probably not, Trump strikes me as an elitist snob and I just can’t see him giving a chef- celebrity or otherwise- the “prestige” of winning Celebrity Apprentice.


Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Athlete

Retired professional baseball legend, Darryl Strawberry, hopes to hit as many home runs in the boardroom as he did on the baseball diamond. If he’s got his health and personal issues under control, he could give Blagojevich a run for his money. Personally though, I think he’ll follow Dennis Rodman’s trajectory instead and get eliminated during the first half of the season.


Hometown: Benton Harbor, Michigan
Occupation: Comedian

Never liked him on “A Different World”, and something tells me he’s not going to win me over here either. Like the other comedian on this season, he’s not going to take the competition seriously and will be cut. Un-funnyman, Sinbad hopefully will be one of the first men to go. If there is any justice in this world, this will happen.


Hometown: Bonsall, California
Occupation: Wrestler

If I were Donald or the other men, I’d be scared to piss off Goldberg. With his huge muscular frame, he comes off very intimidating. If he plays his cards right, he can work this to his advantage and find himself deep into the competition. If he hasn’t hurt too many braincells from his days in the WWE, hitting the wrestling mat, he could surprise everyone with his intelligence.


Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Athlete

On paper, former sprinting gold medalist Michael Johnson, is probably the strongest male next to Blagojevich. He’s probably picked up a thing or two during his years as a pitchman for various corporate sponsors. If he stayed friendly with most of them, his business contacts could be the sleeper hit of the competition. I predict he’ll be one of the last two men remaining after the dust settles. As mentioned before, Donald loves an Olympic winner.



Cyndi Lauper caught filming in NYC’s Flatiron district


The women of Celebrity Apprentice 3


Cyndi Lauper and Sharon Osbourne fooling around.


Maria Kanellis and Sharon Osbourne during a task.


Outtakes from promo photoshoot.

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