Can’t Have Your Cupcake and Eat It Too…

celebep1The 2-hour season premier of Celebrity Apprentice aired last night, and it was men vs. women. Joan Rivers was the Project Manager for the woman, and Hershel Walker was the Project Manager for the men.

The task was to make as much money as possible for charity from selling
“Celebrity Cupcakes” …. and although there was a lot of drama coupled with issues with their chocolate cupcakes, the woman won the challenge and the men were sent to the boardroom.

Three men were sent to the boardroom: Dennis Rodman, Andrew Dice Clay, and Project Manager, Hershel Walker. Hershel could have given more direction to his team and assigned some roles; Dennis could have been less of a lazy oaf and gotten his ass out of the cupcake van more often to attract sales; and Andrew Dice Clay could have gotten his hands dirty a bit more and got more involved – instead of relying on being the funny man that is going to boost morale within his team. Really? That’s your strategy? With Dennis and Hershel both doing a swell job at fighting for their jobs in front of The Donald, it was Andrew Dice Clay who was fired – a big part of Mr. Trumps reasoning was because Clay almost quit while in the boardroom, and we know how much Mr. Trump hates quitters. I agreed with the decision. I found Andrew Dice Clay quite annoying to watch and listen to.

Predictions for future episodes? Well for the women, Annie Duke (Poker Champion) is a strong candidate but she is much too abrasive and the rest of the team already hates her so she is not going to last much longer. Deal or No Deal’s Claudia Jordan especially hates her, calling out her tyrant behavior in front of The Donald. TLC’s Tionne Walker was SO under the radar – I didn’t even really see her in the episode until the end. Joan Rivers won as project manager, and she actually did a great job in not getting involved in any of the drama. Smart move.

As for the men, I thought Tom Green did a great job, a strong candidate without being too aggressive and he seemed quick on his toes. Jesse James sounded like he was stoned whenever he spoke (and was even asked by Mr. Trump if he was SLEEPING in the boardroom! That’s a first!). I don’t know what’s up with that. If Figure Skating Champion Scott Hamilton toughens up a bit, I think he’d have a chance at making it further.