Cee Lo Green Parties With Santa & The Muppets In New Music Video

Cee Lo Green has just released his new music video for his single, “All I Need Is Love” and it also features The Muppets! After he gets lost on his way to Hotlanta, Cee Lo Green shows up at a house where The Muppets are celebrating Christmas. What does Cee Lo want for Christmas? Well, all he needs is love of course.

The video is super cute and has all your favorite Muppet characters in it. Partway through the party, Santa Claus shows up, played by Craig Robinson from The Office (whom we interviewed on the red carpet at GLAAD last year). There’s even a muppet version of Cee Lo named Lo-Co that shows up in a turning chair (inspired by the ones on The Voice). The Shrimp character from The Muppets even does a rap in the song!

I burst out laughing at the end of the video when Statler and Waldorf, the two disagreeable old men Muppets show up and say, “I think The Muppets hit a new low… And his first name is Cee.” LOL. Enjoy the video below and be sure to continue watching through the credits – there are some funny parts in there.

CeeLo Green ‘All I Need Is Love’ (ft. The Muppets)