Post Superbowl CBS TV Launch


It’s hard to believe that we are only two short months away from the 44th Annual NFL Superbowl. Being the core Football fanatic of the bunch (more obsessed with the CFL but the NFL has grown on me), I felt it was my duty to discuss the highly anticipated post-Superbowl TV Event. Each year, following the ‘big game’, major networks typically follow the broadcast with a debut of epic proportions. In past years this has included smash hits such as the Simpsons (combined with the launch of American Dad) on Fox, as well as the first episode of another Survivor installment on CBS.

What’s lining the pages of TV guide this year? Is it the Heroes vs. Villains Survivor (in lieu of Rich’s awesomeness)? Or ABC’s recent smash hit The Mentalist? Nope, and for the first time since 1995, CBS will debut a new television series directly following the live football telecast.

A reality-esque show (this is my own term, not an industry term yet…), Undercover Boss. There have been rumours brewing about this show for the past few months. The premise; cameras will follow top executives from a variety of world renowned organizations as they anonymously apply, accept and employ roles at the lowest ranks within the organization, aka. minimum wage positions. The ‘goal’ or aim of the show is to truly showcase the effects that key executives’ decisions have on the organization as a whole, specifically those employees who are forced to adapt to new procedures without prior consult. EPIC!

The companies that have signed on already include White Castle, 7-Eleven, Hooters, Waste Management and Churchill Downs. Seriously, shows that expose huge faults within corporate America really get my heart racing, in a good way. For a lot of companies everything always looks so shiny from the outside, when internally processes tend to be broke beyond repair! I can’t wait to sit back, enjoy the game with a few friends and then tune in for this interesting television premiere!

  • Interesting… I honestly believe that a CEO of any company cannot be successful, or bring success to the company without starting at the bottom – or at least knowing what actually goes on when they aren’t behind a desk. You have to know your company from inside out to make decisions that will benefit it.