My Interview with CBC Radio about Homorazzi


For those of you up in Northern, BC that were up early this morning, you may already know I had a live radio interview with CBC Radio One on the Daybreak North show, speaking to reporter Betsy Trumpener all about, growing up in a small town in Northern, BC, and my coming out experience.

Well, here’s is the clip. It’s a tad over six minutes, and I’ve incorporated a little photo album to go along with it.

You can also check out the interview on the Official Daybreak North on

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  • WOO WOO!! Nice work Patrick – you rock!

  • Ryan

    I just watched and listened to your interview Patrick. You’ve got bigger balls than any straight man out there. I’m proud of you. It actually brought tears to my eye. Not necessarily your story pour say, just how sad people are when it comes to judging. TWO THUMBS UP! Seriously Patrick I’m in my office crying right now. I’ll blame it on a migraine if anyone asks.

  • That was incredible, great work Patrick!

  • Jason

    Many of the words you used to describe your experiences are the same words I (and many friends) have used as well.

    Glad to see that we’re all not alone… great job!

  • Patrick Postrehovsky

    Now that’s good PR! Congrats Patrick!


  • rbo

    coolbeans! nicely done, patrick 🙂

  • Robert

    Excellent interview!! Well done! Very sweet and honest. Good job!

  • Matt

    Very impressive Patrick. A great promotional tool but more importantly an inspiring personal story for any young northerners growing up gay. I have spent time in Terrace and I don’t imagine it would have been easy for you or others. Good for you Patrick!