Anyone else out there wondering where Cascada has been since her smash hit Evacuate The Dancefloor? The answer is working on and promoting the UK digital release of her new album Original Me which features the track Au Revoir. The music video debuted in the UK on Clubland TV at the beginning of July and is finally starting to make it’s way over to North America.

The video was directed by Lisa Mann and choreographed by Mr. Swagger himself, from So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Luther Brown. You may recognize some faces in the video as well from the Canadian dance reality series. You can see Homorazzi friends Nathalie Heath & Mackenzie Green along with season two’s Jaymee Rae and Daniel Dory. The video’s pretty hot and compliments the track really well.

I haven’t heard any of the other singles off of Cascada’s new album, however it was named one of 2011’s best albums by Total Dance Music. Cascada had received criticism on her previous album for not having cohesion between her tracks so this time, she released a variety of singles and then found a way to bring them together for the new disc. I can’t wait to give it a listen and see what all the buzz is about.