Triple Update: Carrie Prejean, Alabama Lesbian & Junction Public House


Alright, a lot of updating to do here. Keeping you in the KNOW is important non? So let’s get started.

Carrie Prejean

God’s gift to America just can’t stay out of the poop. After her recent run-in with Larry King on his Live show while promoting her book “Still Standing”….I’m sorry….give me a minute. That title, in the context, because she wrote it, it just…it just still makes me shake my head and chuckle and barf. Okay. While promoting her nameless book, Carrie Prejean made an a-hole of herself by shutting the proverbial door on King. But now, the very question that King asked, “What made you settle?”, might make a little more sense! Maybe she settled, not because the pageant deflected her law suit by counteracting with her sex tape, but, maybe, just maybe, they counteracted with 8 SEX [email protected]# That’s right! Carrie Prejean, the leading role model in standing up for Conservative American values just can’t help her fetish for exhibitionism. At least 8 sex tapes, and over 30 naked photos of the beauty queen have now surfaced, one of which Vivid Entertainment HAS and is trying to negotiate with Prejean for release. Oh man. You know, Jesus was a fun loving guy, but I think even he’s looking down going “Wooooo, dammmmmn Gurl!”


Alabama Lesbian

SUCCESS! *cue “Celebrate” by Kool & the Gang* Looks like Alabama student Cynthia Stewart is allowed to attend the prom with her girlfriend AND even have a dance or two with her. Cynthia got the ACLU involved (American Civil Liberties Union), when she was being discriminated against for basically pretending she wasn’t a lesbian in more ways than one. Well now the school board is all “oh we don’t need the aclu involved, we were actually just over here ALREADY reevaluating the whole thing”. MMMMHRRRMMMM. Point is she’s going, with the bells on that I wanted her to adorn. You know, loud ones. Moral of the story? STAND UP for what you believe in and things happen. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are less than because of your sexuality. It’s archaic and outdated, and “the time for settling for a fraction of equalities is over”.


Junction Public House

Well our local Vancouver queer newspaper published THIS interesting little article that flew under my radar. As everyone knows now, Pulse Nightclub has been filled by this Junction Public House, which I admit I have yet to attend. But there’s just a few things interesting about this. As we know, it was turned into something a little more pubby. What I didn’t know was that an owner has said that they’re not going to be catering to the gay community anymore. Apparently times are hard for gay clubs and venues and they want to make money so they’re making sure to market to everyone.  You can read the article to get the exact quote but I’m pretty sure I said in my article linked in the title that:

“Maybe someone will take hold of this lost sheep of a venue, and give us something fresh that we can sink our teeth into. Maybe something that doesn’t involve someone not from our community making decisions about venues in our community.”

I’m not by any means blowing the homo horn and waving the rainbow flag at any straight person wanting to start a business in the gay community. It’s a free ass country. I hope you succeed. But when it comes to something like entertainment, considering the amount of space LGBT people can feel relaxed, safe, and comfortable in the city….if you can’t feel what we feel or live what we live, you’re right, you won’t know what we want no matter how much you’re told verbally. I wish them the best. I also think a positive gay venue would be fun. But Pulse was a gay venue so….

What do you think????

Should Carrie Prejean give up the Mother Theresa act?

Have you ever been discriminated against like Cynthia Stewart?

Should Junction Public House be a little gayer?