HOMG! Carrie Prejean Hates On Larry King LIVE On Air!


Has anyone else seen this clip?? It’s incredible!

Carrie Prejean still on Jesus Tour 2009 for her new book “Still Standing” hit the Larry King Live show last night and smiled when Larry asked her a question, smiled when she called Larry inappropriate, and smiled when she failed to remove her microphone and SAT THERE AWKWARDLY UNTIL COMMERCIAL!

So yeah, this is Miss California we’re talking about right? The one that said that gay’s shouldn’t marry and got a little boo from the audience? The one that got the boob job paid for by the pageant? And then got her boyfriend to lie about her being underage in a sextape to stop it’s release? IS ALL THIS RINGING A BELL?! Listen, I’m totally with her. I went to church on Sunday and Father Ricky said Jesus loves bagoogamoos and romp’s caught on camera (exact words I swear). *inaudable scream*! I have a habit of writing about crazy christians don’t I?

So after starting out by talking about the great repression that conservatives are suffering in America (get me something sharp), the conversation continued when Larry King asked Carrie why she decided to settle, the lawsuit in question being the one where she had a sextape, stopped showing up to public appearances, and yet still tried to sue the pageant for religious discrimination. She told Larry it was all very “confidential” and that he was being very “inappropriate” when Larry, as any reporter who just got shot down for no reason, kept on. Again he reiterated that he wasn’t asking her how MUCH she settled for or under what terms, but simply asking Prejean WHY she personally decided to settle……take your pick right? Sex, Lies and Boobytapes.

Carrie eventually started speaking silently to someone off screen, and when Larry took a caller for Prejean, she attempted to, and failed to, work the mechanics of the apparently obnoxiously complicated clip on her microphone with her nails and then sat without a microphone until commercial. Oh yeah and then when Larry asked her if she heard the question she said “No, I can’t hear you”. Tricky minx! We all almost fell for that one! What playful mind games WILL YOU PLAY next?

The clips here. It’s TV gold, and although I hate promoting Mary Magdalene with nipples, you should give’r on this, it’s worth it.

  • Timothy

    Wow…just wow. I love that Larry is as sharp as ever. Obviously Carrie’s going to get asked questions about her ridiculous history, if you don’t have an answer for them don’t do interviews. Maybe that was Jesus she was speaking to off set.

  • Harlequin

    LOL What is up with her?