Hear A Preview Of Carly Rae & Justin’s Duet, ‘Beautiful’

That Carly Rae Jepsen reign just won’t let up. Her new album Kiss is due out shortly and I cannot wait. Just this past weekend, the entire tracklist was revealed and now, a preview of one of the upcoming tracks has been leaked online and features none other than Carly Rae’s musical knight in shining armor, Justin Bieber.

Considering that the Biebs was instrumental in bringing Jepsen down from Canada into the US and breaking her into super-stardom, it only makes sense that the two would collaborate for a duet on her upcoming disc. The track titled Beautiful shows Carly putting her electronic bubbly pop self on the shelf for a more acoustic and toned track channeling a little bit of Colbie Caillat. Check out the preview below.

Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Justin Bieber, “Beautiful”

  • Josh

    This is literally the easy listening ripoff of What Makes You Beautiful. Fail