Update April 2010: Just found this remix and it’s a pretty damn good one! http://soundcloud.com/rokcandy/call-me-maybe-carly-rae-jepsen

While I often go on and on about how today’s television is the best source of new music for me, I do admit that the club scene is the usual go-to for most mo’s out there. However, clubs + Adam + vodka = no ability to remember specific songs, so I need to rely on other, more tame channels. And, what’s more tame than a handsome, muscle friend who secretly has the same penchant for Taylor Swift-esque songs of teen love??

This past week, a good friend tagged me in a post about a song he’d heard on satellite radio and laughed at himself for going for something so teeny bopper… and, while it is, it’s still completely awesome. Yes, this girl is talkin’ about cute, teen flirting, but let’s face it, teenagers have sex about as fast as gay guys riding a bump at a Tiesto concert these days, so once in a while it’s cute to slow it down and hear something that doesn’t start and end with popping p@$$ies 😉 What he have here is Carly Rae Jepsen who (wow, I just learned this) is from Mission BC and came third on Canadian Idol! Her song is “Call Me Maybe” and it will STAY IN YOUR HEAD. I’m loving every second of it and can’t wait for a real music video BUT, I’m bringing it to you today because we need a remix!!

This song needs to get prepped for the clubs prontinto cause it’s likely too bubble gum as it is to be played anywhere except my car for now! So gay DJs (so, basically every other gay ;), get your ass on it and let’s do this Canadianess proud!

Below is a straight guy’s (T.F.B) attempt to remix and while it’s not club-ready, it is a cute “exchange” between the protagonist of the song and her unnamed boy.