Get Ready To Practice Your Care Bear Stare

Even though this bit of news is not only random, but also a few weeks old, I just had to chat about it. For those who didn’t know, I worked at a kids and teen online magazine for several years. Given that my job was to know everything kid-oriented, I was quite knowledgeable on cartoons and developed a love for vintage 80s kids shows. In addition, I babysit my niece once a week so I get my weekly fix of kids animation there as well.

Hands down, one of my cartoon guilty pleasures are the Care Bears. Who doesn’t love the cuddly bears with logos emblazoned on their adorable tummies. Tenderheart, Love-A-Lot, Cheer Bear come to mind? They should really include a gay one… oh wait, there was Funshine Bear *wink*. The Care Bears were created by American Greetings in 1981 to sell greeting cards. They were like the Smurfs, but with a fierce Care Bare stare.

Well, the crew is coming back for an original new show for The Hub debuting this summer. Coming off the success of their “My Little Pony” reboot, The Hub is looking to duplicate it with the residents of Care-a-Lot. This time around, they’re receiving the CGI treatment and their signature tummy symbols have been rebranded as “belly badges“. Check out the official synopsis.

Take one step into Care-a-Lot and prepare for wishes to come true and unbelievable adventures to ensue! Coinciding with the property’s 30th anniversary, a new CGI-animated series “Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot” is set to debut this summer to reconnect with kids and families. Care-a-Lot is the high-above-the-earth home of the Care Bears – the coolest, most caring-est, magical friends around! It’s a whimsical world where the Care Bears help children navigate their feelings through music, love, belly-badge powers and great big Care Bear hugs. Produced by American Greetings Properties, “Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot” will premiere on The Hub in summer 2012.

I personally can’t wait to check out this reboot? Hopefully, the new incarnation is equally as charming and loveable. Do you remember the Care Bears? If not, what were your favorite childhood cartoons? Sound off below.

  • jiloca

    I was a huge fan of the movies as a child, so I’m definitely interested in checking this out. Wonder if any of the Care Cousins will be in there too? Swiftheart Rabbit was my favorite….