Cardi B & Bruno Mars Team Up Again For New Track ‘Please Me’

Bruno Mars struck gold with his smash hit “Finesse” when Cardi B hopped on. Since Cardi assisted Bruno, it’s only fair he return the favor. The 26-year-old Grammy-winning rapper taps Mars for her new single “Please Me.”

Like “Finesse,” their new collabo has a throwback R&B vibe. Unlike the former though, it’s slower and steamier. The two are downright flirtatious on the silky track which was produced by Mars and the Stereotypes.

“Please me, baby/turn around and just tease me, baby/You’ve got what I want and what I need, baby/please,” Mars passionately pleads. “I’m gonna ride it just how you like it,” Cardi teases back. “Just like you like it tonight/And after that, let’s do it one more time.”

Check out the sexy slow jam below. I predict another hit for these two.

Cardi B & Bruno Mars ‘Please Me’