Captain Planet Parody With Don Cheadle: “I’ll Turn You Into A Tree, Mother F*cker!”

I’m so excited for the “Captain Planet” live action film that will be coming to theatres in the future. Nothing has been decided or revealed in terms of who will be cast as mother nature’s superhero, or which actors will be playing the the planeteers.

It looks as though actor Don Cheadle wants to throw his name into the hat to play Captain Planet. In the following Funny or Die video, the stereotypical planeteers see a forest being cut down so they decide to summon Captain Planet to help them deal with the crisis. Little do they know, this Captain Planet will take things a little too far and they may think twice before ever bringing this guy back again.

Check out the hilarious video below. Also, just as in the cartoons, be sure to watch until the end because Captain Planet will have a special message for viewers at home!