Capital Cities Covers Madonna’s “Holiday”

Given that today is New Year’s Eve and the majority of us will be partying it up til the early morn, this seemed the ideal time to share this pop synth goodness. “Holiday” was Madonna’s first Top 40 hit and began the dawn of Madge’s reign over the pop charts during the decade. Even though the track is almost thirty years old, it’s still as fun as ever and can always get the party started. Why mess with pop perfection, right?

Well, Los Angeles duo Capital Cities decided to take on his monumental task and surprisingly delivered an excellent cover. The synth pop duo’s version manages to give “Holiday” a modern touch without losing the retro fabulousness of the track, all the while giving it their own unique twist. Check out the end of their cover to know what I’m referring to. Definitely a worthy tribute of this classic track. I believe, even Madonna would approve and we all know how picky she is. Hydrangeas, anyone? Check out Capital Cities version below. If you’re interested to hear their other music, head over to iTunes and purchase their debut EP.

Capital Cities Covers “Holiday”

What did you think? Not bad, right? How will you be celebrating tonight’s holiday? Big party, quiet dinner or with Ryan Seacrest on ABC? Sound off below.