After months of enduring auditions, Hollywood Week, Vegas round and Lazaro Arbos, we finally are about to crown a winner. After doing this 11 times prior, you’re fully aware that we have to sit through two more hours before we actually know the results. With that being said, the results show was pretty entertaining. There were a couple of sensational duets along with a couple cute video packages. Check out all the performances and more importantly find out who the winner of American Idol Season 12 is below.

Top 10 Perform The Wanted ‘Glad You Came’

This just made me thankful all the boys were booted first. The group performances consisting of just the ladies rocked this year. My personal favorites were “Wings” (Little Mix), “Crazy In Love” (Beyonce) and the Donna Summer medley.

The Band Perry ft. Janelle Arthur ‘Done’

Dayum girl, where did this Janelle come from? The fifth place finisher totally slayed it tonight. From her hair tossing, kick flips and overall swagger, she looked like she’d been performing with The Band Perry for years. Definite natural. If she keeps in this lane, Arthur could have a Kellie Pickler type post-Idol career.

Top 10 Boys ft. Frankie Valli

Given his age, Frankie Valli sounded great during this entire number, especially on “Grease.” I’m so glad the boys were relegated to just one group performance. I barely remembered half of them.

Mariah Carey Medley

Is it me or is Mimi lip syncing? Someone as talented as her should be showing off her vocals. Clearly this segment was pre-recorded. Enjoyed the medley of hits, but would’ve appreciated “Heartbreaker,” “Honey,” or “Always Be My Baby” in the mix. I would’ve given anything to see Carey bust out some of her old school dance moves. Side note: Was Mariah trying to fool anyone with that silhouette at the beginning?

Emeli Sande ft. Amber Holcomb ‘Next To Me’

Oh my girl, Amber. Still as gorgeous as ever. Clearly I’m biased, but I much prefer Amber’s rendition more than Candice Glover’s from a few weeks ago. Holcomb’s voice sounds so perfect on this and blends perfectly with Emeli. Amber better not let me down post-Idol. Jimmy Iovine better do her right.

Ford Fiesta & PSY ‘ Gentleman’

It’s time for the annual tradition of the Final 2 giving their mentors Ford vehicles. YAWN. Naturally this was the perfect segue to PSY’s “Gentleman” performance. Is this growing on anyone like it is me? I’m ashamed to admit it, but I find myself slow swaying whenever I hear this song.

Keith Urban ‘Little Bit of Everything’

Wake me up when this is over. Just thankful I got a bit of a buffer to catch my breath writing this recap.

Candice Glover ft. Jennifer Hudson ‘Inseparable’

HOLY SHIT!!! I don’t normally swear on the site, but there are NO WORDS. This was EVERYTHING. I was already enjoying Glover’s performance but then BOOM BAM #POW Jennifer Hudson appeared. This duet is on par with Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holiday’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” if not better. It’s only fitting Hudson showed up, since I was worried Glover would get Hudson’d this season. Thankfully, America got it right and brought her to the finale.

Angie Miller ft. Adam Lambert ‘Titanium’

Now we know why Angie Miller had to nix her performance of her original track. To make room for two stunning duets with Adam Lambert and Jessie J. How did Angie get so lucky? And as a consolation prize, Jessie J is flying her out to the UK to perform “Set Me Free.” Both performances were fantastic.

Judges Montage

This is one of my favorite parts of any Idol season. It’s time to mock the judges. Mariah got nailed for her diva hands and over usage of “darling“, while Randy was made fun for his loud delivery and #inittowinit go-to phrase. Keith was called out for his tees and hair flipping. Lastly, it was all about the colorful wigs and ample booty for Nicki.

Kree Harrison ft. Keith Urban, Travis Barker, Randy Jackson

Really??? This was the best producers could do for Kree. Have Randy and Keith play their guitars while Travis Barker of Blink 182 accompanied her on drums. Talk about getting the short end of the stick.

Good-bye Randy Jackson

Speaking of Randy, I’m glad he got a proper send-off.

Aretha Franklin Medley ft. Top 10 Girls

I enjoyed the medley but I wish the girls had a line or two to sing instead of being glorified backup singers and dancers.

Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull ‘Live It Up’

I wonder if Mariah is bit jealous that J. Lo’s fan seems to be more powerful than hers. I was half worried Lopez would fly away there for a second. “On The Floor” part three wasn’t bad but not nearly as catchy as the original 😉


Kree Harrison and Candice Glover Bacharach-David Medley

A perfect way to lead up to the final results. Both women sounded fantastic together during this performance. No onto the results.” target=”_blank”>HumanSlinky

The winner of American Idol Season 12 is… Candice Glover. HALLELOO. I kept flipping back and forth throughout the telecast thinking Kree might take it. In the end, the best singer won. Hopefully, Glover becomes more of Kelly Clarkson instead of a Lee DeWyze post-Idol. Hell, I’d be happy if she reaches Jordin Sparks success.

Congrats to Candice. Am I the only one who enjoys it when contestants cry during their coronation song? What do you think of this year’s results? What was your favorite moment from tonight’s 2-hour extravaganza? Will you miss Randy Jackson next year? Sound off below.