CANADA’S NEXT TOP MODEL (Cycle 3) Finalists (L-R): Meaghan, Nikita, Maryam, Alexandra, Tiffany, Linsay, Tara, Heather, Jill, Ebonie, and Rebeccah.

Yesterday, CTV announced the wannabes for this year’s hottest Canadian claw fest– Canada’s Next Top Model Cycle 3. But, we all know had the list days ago. I would reserve judgment until after we see the first episode, but that is so not how I roll.

Check out the head shots of our 11 wannabes.

A’ight. Here are my first impressions. I didn’t read their bios: I don’t care. It’s Top Model, not top “OMG, I’m from the smallest town and this would make my life complete forever and ever and ever.”


Tiffany: All I can think about is Tiffany’s ANTM namesake: “Bitch poured beer on my weave!”


Ebonie: Oh dear. I can already hear Nole Marin: “She looks like the lost lovechild of Celine Dion and Rumer Willis.” Girl better work that chin.


Rebeccah: She could have that alternative, non-traditional, pretty thing the judges always love, but can a Rebeccah win after Rebecca won CNTM 2? Is the H enough?


Meaghan: Pretty, but damn she looks a little too much like Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Loved her on Survivor, but can’t stand her politics on The View.


Nikita: I want to like her, she looks like she’s got potential, but she reminds me too much of ANTM alum Michelle. Remember Michelle? She was the wrestling lesbian with the flesh eating disease… Not Pretty.


Jill (blonde) and Maryam (brunette): They both look super blah in these headshots. NEXT!


Linsay: She intrigues me, but did they airbrush half of her face away? What’s up with that? [Editor’s Note: While reviewing this article I assumed Rich had no idea how to spell Lindsay… now I realize the fault lies with her parents… her ridiculous parents…].


Heather: Looks like she’s our standard blonde cheerleader. She might need to rock a ferosha coutura makeover.


Alexandra (redhead) and Tara (brunette): I think they’re my early faves. CNTM has picked two awkward white girls so far. I think it’s time for some fierce diversity. They’re both pretty gorge… as in gorgeous, not a gaping canyon.

Thoughts? Who’s gonna be on top?

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