Happy Canada Day From The Homorazzi Cast

Since the majority of the cast members on Homorazzi are Canadians, we thought we’d share each of our plans to celebrate our nation’s birthday (from where ever we are in the world). As usual, we’re all over the place this weekend.

Certainly, Vancouver has gone through it’s highs and lows over the past couple years. Last year, the Olympics brought a level of togetherness and patriotism that I had never experienced before with my fellow Canadians. The Canada Day that followed also reached a whole new level in terms of the vibe and electricity in the city. Unfortunately, our city’s global reputation recently received a big black eye as a result of the idiotic rioters that decided to trash the city after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup. It was a disgusting side of humanity I never wish to see again. With that said, something positive did come out of it. The next day, the city came together to clean up the mess and attempt to show what it means to be a true Canadian/Vancouverite to the rest of the world that had us under a spotlight. We picked up the pieces and I’d like to think we grew stronger as a result.

Now, what does each cast member have planned for the occasion? Find out below.


Earlier this month, I bought tickets to the Britney Spears Femme Fatale concert which takes place today here in Vancouver. A couple weeks ago, I surprised Tyrell with them so it looks like the two of us will be celebrating Canada Day with Britney, bitch! Last time she was here, she stopped the concert three songs in because people were smoking pot. Eventually, she continued on with the show, but here’s hoping everyone is on their best behavior as B.S. will likely not be putting up with any B.S. After the concert, we’ll probably go out or something but that’s up in the air at this point.


This year for Canada Day, I’ll be in Toronto experiencing my first Toronto Pride. I’m excited and scared all at the same time. Not only will the city be in a great party mood, but it’ll give me an opportunity to see friends who’ve moved here since, including Homorazzi’s Kevin. That being said, I will miss Brian since this will be the first Canada Day we’ve spent apart since we started dating. Our first Canada Day was spent doing the Grouse Grind to watch a concert. The hike was memorable because someone had to be transported via helicopter because they were dehydrated.

Since I’ll be here for a week, I’ll be spending the fourth of July here as well. Back in my early twenties, I loved heading to Seattle for the day to partake in all the patriotic parties. I’m curious to see if a lot of New Yorkers will be extending their Pride vacays to spend Independance Day, north of their border.


I’ll be spending the weekend in a cabin in the Shuswaps in the interior of BC. Spending the day relaxing on the dock, wakeboarding on the lake and partying with all the house boaters in the area! We’re doing a tacky tourist costumer theme for Canada Day, similar to the Twilight theme we had last year, where the group dressed up as werewolves and vampires!! Hope everyone has an amazing long weekend.


I’m spending my weekend with friends from Vancouver in town for Toronto Pride taking in the sun the street events hanging out by the pool and partying it up at night! Gonna be a busy weekend but will be nice to see my Van friends since I moved 2 months ago.


Tomorrow I’m going to supply all of Coal Harbour and downtown with liquor. They will come to me and masses buying up all the sweet coolers and discounted beer they can find. I will lead them with my flute to fridges and shelves stacked with budget booze and they will give me shiny coins in compensation for their drunken foolery. I will then join the masses in their bufoonery, enjoying myself on a patio, rain or shine, because dammit, it’s July and we should all be on patio’s. Happy Birthday Canada. I hope I remember it.


I will be in Toronto for Toronto Pride with a million other people. I’m going with my artist SHOKRA who is performing at REVIVAL!


I’ll be helping my boyfriend (left) move into his new bachelor sweet in the west end, and then maybe watching the fireworks.


I will be explaining at a BBQ hosted by my boss for all the Canadians in the office. We’ll be having caesars and Molson beers. It won’t be quite the same, but it’ll be a little slice of Canada in Amsterdam.


I’m sleeping in until the sun wakes me up because I refuse to start to a wet, July 1st! Then I’m heading to my friend’s amazing porch for a few Canada day martinis (like normal martinis but you drink them on canada day). After that I’m going to meet up with some friends escaping the U.S. To come back to their roots up here in Vancouver and we’re going to drink some BC Pinot until midnight or we pass out… Whatever comes first. That’s MY Canada day 🙂


For the 4th of July (I’m American), I will be waving a sparkler with one hand, eating vanilla ice cream with red + blue sprinkles with the other, all while watching Whitney Houston sing the National Anthem on repeat.


Things can change in the drop of a hat. I was supposed to go up to our friend Kyle’s cabin just outside of Kamloops, but had to stay back last minute to cover a holiday shift at my radio station. The flip side was that I can now make it out to a Long Weekend BBQ with my girlfriend Mandy. And it turns out that since I was going away, I gave a pair of tickets for Tony Toni Tone, Ginuwine & SWV to my friend Sandra. Now that I’m staying in the city, I begged her to take me along. Thank GAWD she agreed! So not all is lost. Lots of rest and relaxation is in order! Happy Canada Day


I’m spending Canada Day partying it up with friends as we also celebrate Pride weekend here in Toronto! Not only that, but Donovan is in town for the week and I’m going to get to party it up with him Vancouver-style for a bit which makes me very happy! This year’s Toronto Pride promises to be an amazing time with new parties, including Pitbull thrown by the fabulous Francis Gaudreault and friends!

After 7 years in Canada, I still can’t believe what a blessing it is to live in such a fantastic country where I get to live how I want, love who I want, and be who I want without fear of being true to myself. Canada Day is truly a day to celebrate for me.


While the other guys celebrate Canada Day, I’ll be preparing for my 4th of July festivities! Michigan is known for the lakes, which makes summer the best season to be here. Last year I spent the day soaking up the sun in Traverse City, which is nestled along Lake Michigan. This year, I’ll be on a much smaller lake (Lake Fenton) enjoying burgers and beer! I think we can all agree that there is nothing better than spending a weekend on th lake wearing nothing more than your favorite swimsuits. I hope you all enjoy your weekend, I know I will!