This week, I took a suggestion from a reader and tackled a sexy footballer from Australia named Campbell Brown (excellent choice – thanks Aaron!) The 29-year-old currently plays for the Gold Coast Football Club in the Australian Football League and plays defender. Previously, he played for the Hawthorn Football Club, which coincidentally is the same team that last week’s sports stud, Lance “Buddy” Franklin played for.

Brown is super built and outside of his regular training, he and his teammates kick it up a notch with some high intensity boxing training. He’s known for his aggressiveness and toughness on the field and as a result, he’s one guy competitors don’t want to be up against when it comes to one-on-one. I’m sure we all wouldn’t mind a one-on-one with him, right?

Check out the sexy pictures of this “golden” boy below.

Brown goes Gold in a photo shoot – the whole picture is a bit further down 😉


Such a sexy picture on the left! Time to “hit the hay!”

Here’s the full (naked) version of the photo above.

Brown in his sexy beach attire.

Campbell holding only a towel while on the set of his “golden” photo shoot.

Boxing With Campbell Brown and Matthew Kennedy