It’s A Hard Knock Life For Cameron Diaz

Will Smith and Jay-Z’s Annie remake finally has a Miss Hannigan. Originally, Sandra Bullock was being courted to play the role, but talks fell through. Enter Cameron Diaz to save the day. reports that negotiations finished June 26. Diaz is the latest to play the iconic role which has been played by Carol Burnett in the original film, Kathy Bates in a TV remake and Jane Lynch who’s currently starring in the Broadway musical revival.

The 40-year-old actress joins a star-studded cast which includes Jamie Foxx as Daddy Warbucks Benjamin Stacks (apparently they renamed the character), Jada Pinkett-Smith and Quvenzhane Wallis stepping in to play the titular role. The Will Gluck-directed remake is slated for a Christmas 2014 release.

Do you think Diaz is a good choice to play Miss Hannigan or would Sandra Bullock been a better choice? For that matter, is another Annie film even necessary? Sound off below.

  • Not to sound like Paula Dean but with this cast (and didn’t Will and Jada want Willow to play Annie and she said no?) I think giving Annie “The Wiz” treatment would be better than if they stick to the original songs and not update the story.

  • Bob

    According to you, Cameron Diaz and Jada Pinkett-Smith are playing the SAME role (?).
    Miss Hannigan IS the orphanage matron.
    And ‘NO’, we do not need another “Annie” movie, ESPECIALLY with this type of casting!

  • Bob

    Thanks for the correction.

  • Sounds like fun. I’m obsessed with Cameron so I’m totally onboard! Let’s see Nicky Minaj in there too!

  • ken kuzai

    ok seriously
    annie is ginger
    its iconically the only ginger ever loved
    thats why it was a beautiful fictionall story
    who would adopt a ginger

    and now theyve just ruined it