CamelBak: Fairfax Hydration Backpack

A couple of weekends ago sparked the energy of summer in my soul. I have to admit, as much as I like the other three, summer is my favorite season. Saturday morning I woke up and then went for a great run around the seawall… Sunday was a fun day flying a kite and riding a bike. I live for weekends like this; although I could’ve been a bit better prepared and brought some sunblock.

The newest member of my weekend adventures has been a new Camelbak backpack I’m enjoying. I am so tired of water bottles; let alone having to carry then around, so, when it was time to replace them, I was looking for an alternative. Enter the 2010 Camelbak fairfax 1.5 litre hydration backpack (if you have no idea how these packs work check out the websites below).

I have used camelbak style hydration systems in the past (almost 10 years ago) and liked it but found the pack didn’t really suit the type of physical activity which I normally do. For example, I don’t go on epic hikes where I require a huge pack or tons of water. Instead I’m looking for small, lightweight, and breathable -A pack with adequate storage for my keys, iPhone, and a small tool kit or tire pump. In short, the perfect sports day companion.

Initially, picking up the Camelbak was motivated by my love to run! On weekends I like to get up early in the morning so that I am out on the street, path or trail before the rest of the city is bustling. It’s not the hottest time of the day but you still need to remain hydrated. In fact I feel better and have better success when I carry water with me. Now it seems like it’s on my back for the whole weekend.

In an effort to provide balanced feedback, here are some reasons you might want to stick with water bottles or a fountain: When i come home after getting physical, I am sweaty! I have only had the pack for about a month and am worried than I will want to replace it in six months… Especially if it gets smelly and gross. Maybe I just need to read the care instructions and throw it in the wash? It also takes a bit longer to open up and fill than a traditional bottle but it’s easier than a bottle to add ice.

Check out for the great products offered by this innovative brand. In the USA you can get camelbak at REI; in Canada at MEC.

I suggest you Enjoy summer a little more with this simple addition to your active lifestyle 🙂