Man Crush: Cam Gigandet

For my weekly crushes, I usually try to highlight guys the general public aren’t too familiar with. This week, I couldn’t resist professing my love for Cam Gigandet. I immediately fell in lust with the 6’0″ hunk, when he stole Marisa’s heart and mine on The O.C. With him starring in two movies this year, “Easy A” and “Burlesque“, I thought it would be the perfect time to drool over his sexy fine self.

Born in Tacoma, Washington (GO TACOMA), Cam played football during his high school years. Gigandet (pronounced “Ji-GON-Day”) moved to California after graduation and took up acting at Santa Monica College. His first role came in 2003 when he landed a spot on “CSI”. Soon after her he scored other television credits with “The Young and the Restless“, “Jack & Bobby” and the aforementioned “The O.C.” as the hot rebel Kevin Volchok.

Given his bad boy looks, he is often cast as the villain of the story (“Never Back Down“, “The OC” and “Twilight“). Though he hasn’t broken out into super-stardom as of yet, he has been singled out as a face to watch. In 2008, Gigandet won “One to Watch” at the 10th Annual Young Hollywood Awards. Then in 2009, he was honored with the “Rising Male Star of the Year“. Here’s a fun fact. He’s won the “Best Fight” award twice at the MTV Movie Awards. One for “Never Back Down” with Sean Faris, and the other for “Twilight“.

Expect to see this blond hunk to blow up in the coming months. This year, he’ll be seen in the teen comedy “Easy A” with Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes. Later this year, he’ll appear in Christina Aguilera’s film debut, “Burlesque“. In 2011, he has a slew of films that’ll hit theaters; “The Experiment” with Adrien Brody; “The Roommate” with Leighton Meester & Matt Lanter; “Priest” with Paul Bettany; and “Trespass” with Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman”. Cam Gigandet will the next big thing. Remember his name and more importantly, learn how to pronounce it.

These two pics perfectly show why I’m in lust with Cam. He can be sweet and innocent one moment, then be a bad boy and hot the other.

With that flirty come hither look, I’d follow him anywhere.

With those boxing gloves, he can knock me out and pin me down. Whatever he likes. On a serious note, he has a black belt in the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga.

Horizontal stripes or plaid. The dude can pull off anything.

He looks a bit like Channing Tatum here. Love the long lean torso.

This sexy pic is from a photoshoot from Flaunt magazine. I would never date a smoker, but he looks sexy puffing a cig.

If you read one of my previous posts, you know I have a thing for werewolves, but for Cam I’ll make an exception for vamps. The right is from a still shot from Easy A, his character gets chlamydia from Amanda Bynes. Ewwwwww.

Hanging out with his Twilight buddies. Too bad his vampire character was killed off in the first film. He’s the hottest out of the bunch. His girlfriend got him to start reading the Twilight series two months before he got the part of James.

Earlier I mentioned, I fell in hardcore lust with him when he played Volchuk in The O.C., can you blame me?

Since it was the OC, there were plenty of reasons to pimp Cam out shirtless, hanging out on the beach. He is California surfer boy personified.

Christina is uber lucky, she got to make out with him for “Burlesque”. Let’s hope the producers realized a lot of homos are going to watch this flick. Fingers crossed that there’s a butt shot included.

Another gratuitous shirtless shot of Gigandet. That hip bone tattoo is super hot. It apparently reads “Godspeed”. Too bad, we can’t see all of it in full glory.

Those lips are delectably kissable. His eyes piercing. Yum. Yum, and…….. YUM.

OMG. How hilarious are these pics when he was younger? Long hair is not his friend.

He looks like a boy band reject. Even O-Town probably wouldn’t take him. Thankfully, he grew into his looks.

And grew into his looks, indeed. He’s one hot DILF. Love how he contradicts his rough bad boy image by carrying his adorable baby in tow. So hot. Gigandet and his girlfriend, Dominique Geisendorff, welcomed daughter Everleigh Ray Gigandet on April 14, 2009.

Thought I’d put this old Gap ad for sh*ts and giggles. It says $58 for the crewneck, but how much to meet the sexy stud.

  • Tim

    good actor, worst movie selection ever. guy needs just one decent film and he’ll rise to stardom fast.

    i like the less bad side to him. it’s way hotter

  • it looks as if i’m not the only amazing thing to come out of tacoma.

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  • stephen zandy

    I just happen to find Mr. Gigandet looking at other pics.

    If I were to ever meet I would be tongue tied, LOL 😀