Wow wow wow. I have to admit, I impress pretty easy but it takes a lot to blow me away. This would be one of those times where I am. The girls above are Erato and they’re a girl vocal group from Sweden. These gals have the most amazing voices and blend so well together. However, a video of three of the members is making some serious rounds on the internet causing them to go absolutely viral.

Members Ebba Lovisa Andersson, Amanda Wikström and Petra Brohäll take Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend to a whole other level when they blend in some of the best three part harmony I’ve ever heard while playing the cup game to keep rhythm throughout the entire performance. I wonder how long it took them to synchronize the cups all together?

I watched this video with Patrick last night and I was amazed by these ladies. This is what singing is all about. Now, I want to hear more from them. Robyn watched the video and retweeted it with a “High five.” You’ll see why when you watch the video. Check it out below.