Gays From Spain Do “Call Me Maybe”

Call Me Maybe‘ is actually “the song that never ends”. Luckily, I still like the track despite hearing it a billion times. With the constant playing of the song comes more and more videos on YouTube of people (both famous and not famous) lip syncing and dancing the international Carly Rae Jepsen hit.

A group of gay guys from Spain just uploaded a video of themselves and friends dancing and pool-partying to the song and because it really got me in the mood for summer (and the guys are cute), I thought I would share it with you guys. Now because they are from Spain, they admitted in the description that they’re not the best at the lip dub portion of this genre of viral videos. It’s fine in my eyes because they make up for it with all of the fun they’re having with the slip ‘n slide, waterguns, pool, and more.

  • tdilport

    So, um, you guys say Spain and the video says Slovenia. 🙂

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